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    I'm wondering the same thing about taking 3 courses at a time. I'm currently off work for at least 6-8 months after an injury so this would be a great time to tackle as many classes as I can.

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    I also worked OR and home health and hated the call and felt burned out as well. I think the OR *can be* a high burnout environment. I transferred to the ER for a totally different experience and enjoyed it and learned a lot, now I'm heading back to school full time to pursue an MSN and possibly go into Nursing Informatics (haven't decided for sure yet). I'd suggest transferring to a different type of nursing or maybe go back to school before totally giving up on nursing??

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    Did you end up starting the RN to MSN at Wilkes?

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    I'm looking into it right now as well, did you decide to attend?

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    not sad at all! it is part of my journey and I'm so grateful to be back! ������

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    I was clean and sober for 9 years through AA and LOVED my recovery.. then got pregnant and had severe HG with multiple hospitalizations and drifted away from meetings and my sponsor. I went back to work when my son was 6 weeks old and felt like I was doing fine and maybe I didn't need meetings.. LOL I transferred to ER and got injured at work. I was given Valium and Norco for a back injury and because I wasn't staying active in my recovery it never occurred to me to stay accountable.. my addiction kicked in and I started diverting narcotics at work. I knew it was insane on some level but I was already sick in my addiction. Just last week I finally turned myself in to my management and diversion.. and stopped using. I have 8 days clean and sober today. I'm just starting the process with CA diversion (intake appt is this week) and am going to meetings and in treatment. Working with a sponsor again. GOD I feel so relieved!!! I kept trying to quit but I couldn't until I surrendered everything.. if anyone has any words of wisdom about the diversion process in California is appreciate any advice. I feel so blessed to be alive and sober today! I'm so grateful that diversion exists for us!

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    Hi all! I've been a nurse about 6 years but just got hired for a new job in the ER in a level 1 trauma center and I'm looking for suggestions for what to brush up on.. what sorts of things do you see/do a lot of in ER? I know they'll give me some protocols as part of training but I'd like to prepare if I can. I have a couple yrs experience in ICU and OR but I've never worked ER and I know it's a whole different world! oh and I should add I'll be working both adult and pediatric ER.

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    ummm well I was asked all the typical questions such as "why do you want to work in the OR?" and "why do you want to work for this facility?". I was also asked if I would be able to be at work and clocked in within 30 minutes of receiving a page if I was on call. They asked me to describe a time when I was in conflict with a coworker or did not agree with their actions, how did I handle it, etc... lots of different questions where I was asked to basically tell them a story about a time that x/y/z happened and how did I handle it...

    I was interviewed by the manager, then went to a separate room and was interviewed by a representative from HR, and then by the OR educator. The whole process took about 1 1/2 hrs..

    our training to this point has been general to OR and as we go along I'm told we will be assigned to a specialty and then will have more training within that specialty.

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    oh I should add that as we go along in our training we will eventually be assigned to a specialty....

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    thank you for your input Monica08!! I got the job and started this last Monday. So far I LOVE it.. of course I am still in the beginning stages of training with the 3 other RNs that got hired with me. We are training to circulate first and eventually will be trained to scrub. It is a HUGE OR where I work.. it took most of the week for us just to be able to get used to it and find our way around LOL It is like a giant maze of OR suites and supply rooms and anesthesia rooms and perfusionist rooms.
    I was thrilled to get to observe and help out in 4 open heart surgeries yesterday. I'm sure for many of you that is something you've seen many times and are used to but for a nurse like me who is new to the OR it was awe inspiring!! I am constantly amazed at the coordination among all the various team members in the OR. I have learned so much in just this first week that it feels like my head might explode. LOL
    I am loving every minute of it and will be mindful of your advice to not take things personally!

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    I've been in ICU for a couple yrs... I'm not sure about the periop program, I just know that the manager did tell me over the phone that there is typically 6 months orientation for someone with no OR experience, possibly more and it's tailored to the individual.

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    I have been working in a community hospital ICU and have an interview this week for a position as an OR nurse in a level 1 trauma center. I'm very excited and would really like to make the transition.

    I'm hoping there are some ICU to OR nurses out there who can share their advice/wisdom with me. The closest I've been to OR nursing was a brief stint in nursing school clinicals and the bedside procedures we do in ICU. Can any of you paint me a picture of a typical day?

    TIA for any input!

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    I work ICU and started there as a new grad. I agree that it depends on the nurse and the training/support provided. My hospital provided excellent training and preceptorship.. but I also had to put in the work and that first year was pretty stressful. EVERY night after a shift I would go home with a little piece of note paper to look up all the questions I had thought of throughout the day so that I could be sure I understood the answers and rationales. I still do that. I work with some excellent veteran RNs and NPs who LOVE to teach and are amazingly knowledgeable. I think if you have a passion for critical care and are willing to put in the work AND have people who are willing to pass along their experience, then it can be a great experience!!

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    move to southern CA.. plenty of jobs for EXPERIENCED ER nurses!

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    LOVE the show!!!!!! and yes, it is inaccurate but if they made a tv show that was an accurate portrayal of a 12 hour shift no one would watch it. LOL never tried the scrubs...