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    Contratulations!!!That's so fantastic!
    You are incredible generous and kind to share your tips. I'm not there yet, but I am going to save this information.
    I wish you all the best!

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    Thanks MacBaba,
    I am so sorry to hear that ECC made that mistake - it's really almost unforgivable because people plan around it. As for me, I don't know what I would do since I am living off my savings till I finish. I still have one more prerequesite (chemistry). I'll be finished with physiology in two weeks and I can't wait.

    I really appreciate your point of view on your experience with County and it's good to know that they will reduce the cost if you work with them - that is a fantastic trade off, especially since the clinicals are some of the best.

    What is your typical week like? How much book work, and how much clinical. When you get to RN are the classes as intense and info packed like the prerequisite science classes? Do people work while going to nursing school or is that impossible? I'm just trying to guage because the load of information these science classes are giving me are buring me out. My physio class is 6 hours a night M-T for five weeks - very intense.
    Thanks, Jag

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    How long is the bridge program?

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    This is so interesting because I just applied to ECC (10 minutes away) and all the counselors responded immediately - they told me that they do not have a waiting list for Fall... hum, and the enrollment office told me that they have a 2 or 3 semester wait. L.A. is so impacted I can't imagine them not having a waiting listing, especially after telling so many students that they made a mistake. That's really awful and I'm sorry that happened to you all. It's heartbreaking.

    But hearing about County in such a bright light makes me think twice about it. Initiall I wasn't interested because they are fairly new, about 45 min to an hour away and the names sounds like jail, but who cares, as long as you get a good education with a high probability of passing the NCEX test. What's the cost there does anyone know?

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    What are the new entrance requirements.
    I was just there with a counselor and there was no mention of a new requirement.
    Maybe I need to bring it up at my next meeting.

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    Is the cirriculum challenging since it is on the quarter system? I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs and I found that to be very challenging during a "sememster" system. What is it like?
    Thanks, Jag

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    As a student I am learning more differences between the two degrees. I'm 50, look 35 and will have my degree by 53. It will take me 2 years to get either degree, as the ADN will be free from the community college, and the BSN will be from CSULA (Cal State Uni L.A.)

    If I get the ADN, I will have to go to night school to get the BSN - Question 1: does anyone knof if these classes will be time consuing and challenging like the pre-reqs (like micro, physio, anatomy)?

    And I hear that with an BNS there are more jobs, or it will be easier to get a job: Question 2: does anyone know if this is the case?

    And lastly, I hear that with a BSN you can teach, which could be a emotionally less stressful. Question 3: are there that many positions open for teaching at hospitals?

    I'm just trying to weight the benefits with the loans I will bear if I go to a University for a BSN as opposed to the ADN. If I am going to tough it out for the next 2 years should it be ADN or BSN. Night school with an ADN seems like it could be a burn out situation. What do you think?
    Thanks in advance...

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    All the programs I looked into in Los Angeles were 2 years. Can't say I've seen them all, but it looks like it will be 2 years.


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    I heard someone say that some Los Angeles colleges are 1 1/2 years for an ADN. Would like to know which ones.

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    Hi Quilter0225
    Thank you for sharing. I never even thought the hospital would ask one to stay 2-3 years "after" the degree - I just thought it was 2-3 years but what you said makes perfect sense. I like the idea of continuing on my education right there on site because if those classes are anything like my bio-science classes (micro, anatomy, etc) then they are time-consuming and going to school when you work would be ideal - especially in L.A. with all the traffic conntinually grows. I was thinking of being a CRNA, SA or PA - not sure yet and I know the more time I am in school, the more I will learn about the different types of position that are out there.
    Thanks Jag

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    Hi Thanks for commenting.
    What hospital do you work at and what do you do there?
    And are you an adn or an msn?
    Thanks Jag

    BTW - are you sure it's $32. I hear its $43 for an RN..

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    I'm trying to figure out my financial planning, so was curious to know what the starting range is in Los Angeles. Or is it better to work for County or City as opposed to the hospitals?

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    That's good to know - Thanks all of you who contributed. Now I know what school to focus on. I find it interesting that the two would earn just about the same out the door. I'm aiming for a hospital with an on-site campus to get the BSN and MSN done - do any of you know if it is full time?

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    I am finishing up my pre-requesites and am planning my next step. ADN or BSN. I can do either in 2 years.

    • ADN at the comminity college is a 2 year program.
    • BSN at a Cal State on the quarter-system (just cost more).
    Do they start off at the same pay scale after you get your RN?
    Reason I ask is I will be living off my savings for 2 years and will need to get out and start making decent money to cover my mortgage which will be resetting in a year.

    So would ADN-RN's salary be just as much as a BSN-RN's salary to start. And I am 50, will be 52 when I am done. I look 35 - all the kids in class think I am their age Just hope HR does too.

    Thanks, Jag :wink2: