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    Hi! I was hoping I can get feedback from you all who got a degree or training in Nurse Informatics.

    I would want to pursue this higher education and would want to see if you know any campus-based school/university. Or we could make a list of Campus-based schools that offer this program.

    I am looking at one of University of Phoenix's campus but after reading a lot of negative reviews about the University, it made me a little hesitant. I know I can always back off if I think the school is not for me, but considering the time and money that I would spend, that is something I wouldn't just throw.

    I know some of you have taken your degree at University of Phoenix, please please.. Could you post any feed back?

    Thank you.

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    Sorry.. I got it now... The BON will only issue a license if you have a SSN... And that the link doesn't need to ask the SSN.. my bad...

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    What I mean is, Is the link I gave the one you guys were talking...
    coz in the previous posts, it talked about having a SSN.. yet in the link i gave,
    it didn't ask for SSN at all... and I do have SSN...

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    ^^ Yeah.. that's my problem... coz' they said it needs SSN#.. But that link doesn't have one... I've been scanning the Ca BON's website.. and can't really look for the right link..

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    I've been scanning CA BON and BRN website..
    And I'm not really sure if this is the site that we can see the results..
    Can someone please check this...?
    Coz' I really can't find any other links pertaining license holders.. Thanks!