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    I'll graduate in May, and am currently looking at places to apply to begin my nursing career. Two of the places I am considered are Magnet hospitals, and I'm wondering what the pros of working in a magnet hospital versus non-magnet, if there are any.


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    Not charting, but still pretty funny.

    A doctor was assessing a patient who had spilled hot coffee on her face and burned herself, he proceeded to ask, "was the coffee that spilled on you hot?" We ribbed him about that one for a few days!

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    We had a fella come in with a carrot stuck up his rectum. He was lucky the general surgeon who was on was a woman with small hands and arms because she had to go elbow deep to get that thing out.

    Another guy came in because he stuck a fire cracker up his urethra and proceeded to set if off. He had a hx of self-mutilation.