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    does anyone know of a good school in maryland that offers lpn to rn program that's 1 yrs completion program? do i have to take the lpn
    nclex to get into the rn program?

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    Quote from snowbunnylife
    Hello everyone! I took my nclex pn this morning and im soooooooooo scared!!! My test had 1 math problem, 1 drag to the right order question and a bunch of priority and meds! I stopped at 146 and i am SOOOOOO scared I failed!!! Please has anyone else stopped at 146 and passed? I will keep you all informed when I get my test results. I live here in CA and i heard it takes FOREVER to get your results! This is the worst part! Does anyone in Cali know how long it took them to wait, and how did you find out yr resluts? Can you check online for your license? Thanx!!!!!
    Don't worry about it! It's just a test... Live your life, am sure you did all you could do on the test. Leave it to fate... Live you life, remember it's just a test..

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    I need help/ plan that works in studying for the nclex pn. I don't have much money to invest in training courses. Thank you...