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    I applied for saipan bon on my own last october 2007. The first response from the board, i heard after 6 months. The message they sent me was that they need me to send 2x2 photo. I sent them the same week. Until now, I still do not have my eligibility and they are impossible to contact. No one answers the phone. I tried e-mail and fax too. To no avail. I call 5:30 am manila time almost every 2 minutes but my bill just got out of hand because i only get voicemail prompt. It's really very frustrating and it's so hard because I have no other way to get in touch with them. I checked on blogs and news and it seems like saipan is going bankrupt. their government is sinking and the public offices hours are cut-off. I just wish I hear from them so if i am not eligible yet, i can apply to another board.