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    I would think frequent oral care would help....maybe q2h?

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    I work at a short term psych hospital. I was just thinking that some of the most therapeutic conversations I've had with patients have occurred when taking them out for a smoke. They just seem to open up more, off the unit, no other people around, cig in hand.

    Just something to think about......

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    Get your affairs in order! You will have time for nothing but school.

    The best part so far is the friends I've made and the feelings of becoming somewhat competent in clinicals.

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    My school requires us to take standardized tests along the way. We just completed our first semester of the LPN program and have to take NLN tests for RN Fundamentals and Anatomy and Physiology!

    I'm really concerned about the A&P. Has anyone ever taken this exam? I checked the NLN site and there was some very general info, but not enough to get an idea of what is really on it. Heeeeelp!

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    I've always been interested in psych and after passing three interviews, obtained a a part time job in a psych hospital. I'm considered a Level 1 counselor and will be able to continue there as an LPN once I obtain my license. I'm extremely excited at this oppotunuty, but I've never worked in psych! This hospital has 3 units: Adult, Adoloscent, and Developmental Disabilities. I'll eventually be working in all 3 units, but thankfully they are starting me in the adult unit. any advice?

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    ME! But not right now.....

    I have an exam in nursing Monday on Med Admin, a competency check off on Meds Tuesday, and an A&P exam Friday.......

    ......just a typical week!

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    I just interviewed for a part time job. When they asked about contacting my current employer (nursing home), I said I was unsure how they'd feel about that. The HR person at the new job asked if I could give a name and home phone of someone I worked with there. She was able to use that as a reference.

    At one time I was also self employed for over 10 years. I obtained a part time job at a restaurant (specifically for the purpose of gaining a reference), and was able to use that as another reference. I explained to that employer that I was seeking a full time position, but still wanted to work for them part time.

    I used a friend who is a nurse as a reference for nursing school.

    Good luck!

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    I'm in an LPN program that is considered 3/4 time.

    Mon: 8:30-2:30 Nursing Fundamentals
    Tues:8:30-11:30 Nursing Lab
    Wed: 7:30-2:00 Clinicals
    Thur: 8:30-2:30 A&P
    Fri: 8:30-12:30 Dev. Psych

    It definitely FEELS like full time, espicially with homework, research papers,etc!

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    Yes, according to what those of us in the current LPN program have been told, it will be a full time LPN-RN transition program. As far as I know, they will still be continuing the same LPN program.

    I live about about 40 minutes from school.

    Are you thinking about going to St. Joes?

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    No, the RN program is still waiting approval from the state. I'm in the LPN program. The RN program will also require a minimum of 1 year experience as an LPN.

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    I didn't finish the reading comp portion, and had a few math problems left. I did much better than I thought! If I remember correctly, St. Joe's sends your results fairly quickly (couple of weeks?) If you have all your references and transcripts in, they'll send you the admission packet along with the results (as long as you passed!) I started at Sr. Joes this September. Fasten your seatbelt! It's gonna be quite a ride!

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    I use a separate spiral notebook for notes and a pocket folder of the same color for handouts. One of each for each class. Then I have 3 ring binders for each class which I keep at home. Once we've been tested on the info, I transfer it all to the binders.

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    Nursing Fundamentals A-+ but hoping to pull it up to an A w/2 more exams
    A&P A 98 average!!
    Developmental Psych B but still have a paper and 2 exams
    Clinicals Passing as far as I know!!!

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    First year student here!

    6 hours lecture-Nursing Fundamentals
    3 hours-Lab
    6 hours-clinicals
    6 hours-Anatomy and Physiology
    3 hours-Developmental Psych

    That's 24 hours/week, but msot programs have A&P and Psych as pre-req's.
    I also spend about 12 hours/week on homework or studying, half of that is A&P.

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    We went on a "field trip" today! Instead of clinicals, our whole class went to a conference on "Religious Views on Death, Dying and the Afterlife" It was a long day and some of the speakers were excellent, some weren't. Overall, it was a very good experience. We heard speakers from the following faiths: Hispanic Evangelistic, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Christian Scientist and Judaism. So far, we haven't been asked to write a paper about it, but I'm sure they'll have us write something in our clinical journal.