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    Does any one know if there are any distance learning programs besides Excelsior and Indiana State U. How is the ISU program different than Excelsior?? I just need my nursing courses.

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    Does anyone have chancellors study guides with cd's for nursing 1-7 they want to sell. If so PM me with details--age price, etc. thxs.

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    Does anyone know of another distance learning program for an LPN to RN program besides excelsior college?? If so is ther anyone one has done this program and how did you like it??

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    Hey Margaret,
    Just curious why you are considering moving to Wilmington NC??

    As for pay scale here for nurses, I know since I have lived in the area for 17yrs, that for me an LPN the wages a low, housing prices are high, taxes are low compared to some areas, rents are high and food prices are not too bad.
    Not sure how the RN wages are here but I do know the hospital pays more than office nurses. We have two hospitals both affiliated (New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Cape Fear Hospital)and county owned. So no competion in health care its a monoply.
    Novant Healthcare owns a hospital in Brunswick County 30 miles south of Wilmington. A male nurse RN I know went to work there at $30.00 per hr in ICU. They are building a new hospital.
    You can go to and put in zip code 28401 to get an idea of wages here in Wilmington.
    Things have slowed down here alot since our economy has taken a turn for the worse. If your husband is in healthcare he can probably get a job here other wise I don't think the job market is very good.

    So hope this helps.