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    I am interviewing on tuesday for a part time house supervisor position at the level 1 trauma hospital I currently work at. I assume I will get questions about service recovery, accepting outside transfers and staffing.What other kinds of questions should I expect?

    A little about I have been a nurse for 9 years. 6 yrs ER, 2yr L/D at a smaller hospital 6mon ICU at the level 1. 6 yrs flight nursing with the military. I have been charge nurse in the ED and labor and delivery.

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    My future goals include becoming a flight nurse in a local AES unit. In the mean time while I am going through the process which seems to be very long from the responces in my thread Question about commission, I want to change jobs but am unsure how this future reserve service and training will be viewed as within the first year after commission I will have to go to 13 weeks of training. not all at once but that is quite alot of time for a new employee. I am going to start looking in March. What experiences have people had with the hiring process and having to inform them of such a commitment. Do managers tend to see this as hiring a great leader. I am planning on being up front and honest and stating they are getting someone who will be very well trained and a leader. to throw a little more into the mix I want to go from ER to L&D. Both interest me very much.

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    Thank you for the information. I so want to do this job. I have had friends in Iraq and Germany. There is no better person in my opinion to have the honor of taking care of and bringing home. I wanted to see if others had similar experiences or I should be calling and making waves. I have a friend who is a Lt. Col and has access to pepp. we have looked at my file a few times and everythign seems to be in order. Any suggestions what a good next step might. He has already called the unit to inquire as to the status of my application. They say it is going along. Got annoyed with his calls and asked him to stop calling. I am thinking of calling another recruiter just to get their opinion. The recruiters don't have access to pepp. So I feel like they are just as easily fed false information. I have talked to a MSGT in the unit and seem to be getting the run around. Who would be higher up to call next?

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    I will apologize in advance for the long post and offer my thanks to any replies. I am currently seeking a commission as a Aeromedical evacuation nurse in the airforce reserve. I have gone through interviews with the unit and am so excited about the commission. I have completed the long background clearance form and went for my physical in July of 2008. I am still waiting 5 months later for my physical to be approved. I have called to make sure they have all the necessary paper work. My recruiter has called the medical squad and they say they are working on it. Is this typical for how long a physical takes to be approved? My recruiter is far away and has told me it just takes this long but my application has not even been sent to the reserve headquarters. My husband has suggested finding another recruiter who is closer and might be able to help my application along. Has anyone had similar experiences? I am still dead set on joining the squad. I don't want to sit around and do nothing when I might be able to do something to speed up the process. Thank you again for any advice