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    I have been seriously considering WGU's RN-BSN program, especially after reading all the positive comments on here. I have spoken with a counselor several times, and he has sent me a lot of information. But one line in a link to a WGU program guide jumped out at me: "Graduates are eligible for military, U.S. Public Health, and VA appointments as well as roles in school health, community, occupational, and other non-acute care settings." [italics mine]
    I questioned why a BSN from WGU would only prepare me to work in a non-acute setting. Since I had been out of the workforce many years when I graduated nursing school, I had a hard time finding a job. I had to take jobs in non-acute settings (a nursing home, then transitional care unit) to gain experience, then finally got a job on a med/surg unit. One of my dreams is to work in a NICU, and I have been told that getting a BSN would help me. So I didn't understand why WGU's BSN would only qualify me to do what my ADN had.
    When I questioned the counselor, he didn't know, and even suggested that maybe "non-acute is better than acute." He asked his supervisor, who also didn't have an answer. The last time I spoke with him he assured me that the Acedemic Advisory Team was looking into my concerns, and were probably going to revise that whole page of the website since I had brought it to their attention. He told me someone would be contacting me within a few days either by phone or email. That was 2 weeks ago, and I have not heard from anyone with WGU in all that time. Before that, he was calling every few days trying to speed me through the process and get me enrolled.
    Has anyone else noticed this statement on WGU's website? Has anyone had trouble getting an acute-care job with a WGU degree?

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    Congratulations on being accepted into the program! I started the PT program in Fall '08. At orientation we received a packet of information and filled out tons of paperwork. We also paid a drug testing fee. I think it was $46. Or maybe they just told us about it and we paid at the first class. Bonnie Glass and someone else spoke. We received a bag of goodies- pen, sticky notes, etc. We were also given a list of what we would need money for in the next 2 semesters. But there have been a few things thrown at us that weren't on the list. Everything seemed very together at orientation, but since then I've found the program as a whole to be very disorganized. I thought the problem was just with the PT program though. Blessings!