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    Question for The Commuter...

    So if I decided to get my ADN from Dni and decided to go back for my BSN thru a RN-BSN program at a school such as UTA or TWU I couldn't? I thought you just need your RN License and pre-req for that program.

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    Hello Everyone....

    I planning to apply for Srping 2010 programs ADN and BSN and I know majority of them are day programs. But I was wondering if there were any programs in the DFW area that have evening or weekend options. I know that TWU have a weekend option but that wouldn't apply to me bc I don't have a BA in another field.

    Thanks in advance.....

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    congrats to everyone for a GREAT semester....Thanks to everyone that replied to my question.....

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    Hello Everyone,

    I need some help... I'm currently finishing up my pre-req for El Centro ADN Program.....The only thing is I don't know if my GPA is high enough to get in...My GPA for the 5 pre-reqs is a 3.1 and I have 17 support hours with a 3.5 and my HESI score was 86 (I'm retaking it to score higher).....What are my chances on getting in with those Gpa's....What was the lowest they have been accepting????? Thanks!!!!