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    I am pretty sure that Virginia requires continuing education credits to maintain licensure. Am I correct?

    Can someone tell me how many credits and the process.


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    Can anyone tell me if Virginia requires continuing education credits to maintain licensure?

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    I just had to share my personal experience with all of you or encourage anybody who has the same fears as myself to hang in there and don't be afraid to try.

    I just read someone's post about not being cut out to be a nurse because of showing emotion and that made me think of my own experience. For the longest time I didn't think I was cut out to be a nurse because I figured I would not be able to handle seeing everything we as nurses see. I have a history of fainting and I thought the first time I would give a shot or see blood I would faint. So I was very reluctant to go into the nursing program. With some encouragement from counselors, profesors, and family, I decided I would try it. If being a nurse and working with patients didn't work out I figured there was plenty of other things I could do with my nursing degree.

    Anyways, I just started my first semester in clinicals, and the first day was HORRIBLE. I was so upset because I saw a circumcision and I almost fainted after that experience I couldn't tolerate anything for the rest of the day. I saw a dressing change after that and I thought I was going to faint again. I got so FRUSTRATED. But I stuck in there. Since then I have only felt faint while watching an epidural but I bounced back quickly. I have now seen plenty of shots, a C/S, and a vaginal delivery and another epidural and throughout all that, I felt fine, not light headed at all. Everyone assures me that my fears are normal, and that I will get used to things. I think I am going to make it, I am much more confident in myself than I was two months ago.

    My advice to anyone who has the same problem I have:

    1) eat a good breakfast (not cereal!! I'm talking about eggs and bacon)
    2) pay attention to your body - - remember to breathe - don't hyperventilate though
    3) keep drinking water and keep a pack of crackers with you
    4) if you feel faint sit down immediately- even if it is in the middle of the floor
    5) and finally don't fret - everything you are going through is normal and with some practice and exposure you will be ok.

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    A&P II, no doubt. I did have a pretty intense prof. though. He really went into depth when he didn't have to. But I am kind of glad I had him because I think I learned a lot. I took A&P in the summer though. If you don't have to take that class in the summer, don't!!!! It is a headache.

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    After I read your post I had to smile. I am sorry that I gain some humor or satisfaction from your post. But I feel your pain. I just started the nursing program and I am married. I would love to cook for my husband a nice meal instead of studying, but you know that doesn't happen. He has asked me what was for dinner once and believe me if looks could kill, he'd be long gone. I feel no grief in telling him to go out to eat without me just so I could get a little time alone to actually do my work. Yes, and please lets not get started with the care plans. I have only been in the program about two months and I am already well acquainted with concept maps and care plans. My husband is a History major and he has asked me if I ever wished I was just a college of arts and sciences major. YESS!!!!!!!!!!! But when you think about it of course we don't. We love what we are doing and we will be so satisfied that we are helping other people in our careers that we will actually forget about the hours and hours spent reading and making care plans.

    I hope you felt better after you posted and let some steam off. Hang in there!!! And tell your significant other to go to McDonalds!!!

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    Thanks guys that helped! I was more curious than anything. It is always nice to hear what other nursing students are "going through" Thanks for the replies.

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    Hi I'm Vicki, 21, married, no kids, 1 Bulldog. I am in my junior year of the BSN program and like Brenda should finish in May 2005. Good luck to all of you!

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    I have noticed a lot of nursing students talking about their rotations in OB and LTC. Do all nursing students do the same rotations? This is my junior year and I am also in LTC and OB and I live in N. Virginia. Just wondering.

    And if so, what will be our future clinicals, has anyone heard? The only rumors I have heard are MedSurg and Community.

    This is my first time on this website and it is excellent. A lot of good information and it seems like very pleasant conversations.

    Good luck everybody and keep studying and working on those concept maps