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    hey tea leaf,

    just wondering where u decided to attend nursing school and what changed your mind

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    tea leaf,

    need advice to housing, financial aid and such. are we still applicable for financial aid since we already have a bac? and can u tell me the ciriculum for each semester.

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    hey everyone, just joined, hoped everyone is well.... I've read several posting regarding the anticipation of acceptance. thuynhle, did u get accepted to utmb or twu? and to u guys out there that got accepted did anyone find out what courses are online. Is anyone planning to visit the utmb campus to make plans for there arrangments during the spring? please let me know so maybe we can meet at a starbucks or something to get to know our classmates. the more the better. its going to be tough for me at least. I havent taken courses in 8yrs. lol...i guess its swim or drown....ha ha