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    Ahhh! I see. Congratulations on that certification! I am happy for you! Good luck in your nursing program. My daughter is starting it here in December! Best of wishes and God Bless you!

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    I agree with both of you! I have not enrolled in any classes yet...I am still looking for class availability in my area...Iowa. However, I am very excited about this. "Wiping Butts" and being with people and knowing that something like that can change another life is just thrilling and 'goose bumpy' to me. I am a cancer survivor and I am just so excited to make this change in my life. I am actually going BACK to work after cancer now and this is allowing my children to start a Christian Education for the first time. I hope this is God's desire. Thanks for your ears.

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    Quote from marktheawesome
    after 2 years on the waitlist I finally made it. I start the nursing program at Kirkwood in January.

    It's been a really frustrating journey for me. I started off at the University of Missouri and spent 2 years goofing off and really screwing myself over. I did not live in a dorm and one of my roomates was an alcoholic who, soon after I left, was kicked out of school.
    After coming to Kirkwood my grades flourished and I excelled. I had a few transfer credits from Mizzou but I did most of my stuff here at Kirkwood (A&P, developmental psych, etc . . .). I started here in the fall of '06, had most of my classes done by the following year and I sat on the waitlist, well, waiting. I took all the classes I could to pass the time and keep loans from hitting me. I took some really fun classes like Audio Recording (my brother owns and operates his own recording studio at Indiana University) so I had fun while waiting.

    I finally ran out of stuff to take so I laid out this semester and I got a nice job working as a tech at a pharmacy. I didn't have the certifications to get a job at a hospital which is what I really wanted.

    So anyway, here I am! I start the program in January and I could not be happier to FINALLY see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Any other kirkwood students either in the program now or going into it? If you are in the program and don't mind sparing the time, I wouldn't mind knowing what to expect from the teachers, classes, etc . . .

    -Mark Stewart
    Hi Mark,
    You mentioned in your message you got a certificate...was that the CNA certificate while you were waiting? If so -- how was that test etc? I am getting ready to take the 150 hour course in Des Moines ...somewhere and wanting to get certified...any words of wisdom for me?

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    What do you mean? Whis one is a nurse? Which one is not? Can you please explain?

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    Can someone please tell me the difference between CNA and LPN?

    I know what they stand for, but what is really the big difference between the two?

    I live in Iowa -- does that make a difference?

    Let me know....

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    I would like to take the 75 hour CNA Class in Des Moines. Is DMAAC the best place to do that? Can someone give me some advice?

    I believe the 75 hour is the best route to go correct?

    Any input would be most helpful.

    I would like to do CNA work -- not RN work.
    Thanks so much in advance!