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    Thanks. I agree with you. I would much rather get then BSN and do the 1 year, but the programs in California are extremely competitive. Congrats on your acceptance to the accel BSN program. Which one did you get accepted to if you don't mind me asking?

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    I'm hoping you can help me with this... I'm about to finish up my third year as a Psychology major and I just decided this past semester that I wanted to become a nurse and was intending to apply to various accelerated BSN and entry level masters programs, but seeing that they are really competitive and usually expensive I'm wondering if getting my ADN would be a better choice.

    I haven't even done any of my prerequisites so I would have to cram all of those in addition to trying to fulfill my major requirements to get my BA in psych and apply to programs to be admitted the fall following my graduation. I'm worried about getting accepted into the advanced programs and costs that I'll incur. On the other hand, I feel that after getting my BA, going back to get my ADN would make the time I took to get my BA a total waste of my time, money, and energy, but my chances of getting accepted will greatly increase.

    I'm freaking out!!! What are your thoughts on all of this?