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    Is it too late to apply for the september class?

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    Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification.

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    I'm not quite sure I am following what you are saying. I was under the impression that if you go into the LPN program once you finish..... you can go straight into block 3 of the RN program (as long as pre reqs are done).

    That is what a counselor told me and that is what it says on the MCC nursing website.

    You are saying that they are doing away with this now?

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    Is that only the weekend program from GCC or is that from all MCCNDP?

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    haha, no worries. Thanks and good luck to you as well.

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    Oh ok. Thanks for the info.

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    Oh ok. I feel dumb now , haha. I thought it was a little more complicated where each block was a different length.

    How does that work with the 16 month program? I would imagine the majority of people would want to get into the 16 month so is it the hardest to get into?

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    I am considering getting my LPN first and then going straight into block 3 of MCCNDP. I am wondering how long block 3 and 4are? Are they each 4 months/

    I am trying to figure out which path would be shorter. LPN to Block 3 or just wait 1.5 years to get into the accelerated program. Thank you for any help

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    Thank you so much for your help. I am in the phoenix arizona area and unfortunately I can't move anywhere due to my wife. I still have a year of pre reqs (part time) and then a year and a half wait to get into the local community college program.

    I could go to a private college right away but the cost is about $35k more just for an associates and then I would be very limited to where I could get my bsn and msn which i will do.

    So I'm kind of stuck in waiting and was looking for a way to get around that.

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    Hello, I am intersted in becoming a nurse and am trying to figure what the best option for schooling is.

    I have read a lot about the navy paying you back for your school after you graduate and have a BSN.

    However, I am wondering if there is any way to have the navy or any other branch of the military train you to be an RN?

    Or...if you join the navy...will they pay for you to go to school rather than paying you back after you graduate?

    I am just trying to avoid the 2.5 year wait to get into nursing school and the cost of tuition.