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    i signed with them in March 2002. I was supposed to leave in November 2005 after I got my visa. But then they said I had to wait for few more months because I still lack bedside experience. Huh? I never left the hospital setting since I graduated in 1996, not to mention being in acute- care big hospital settings (PGH, UST, JRMMC). Then I realized I got their boss upset (Corazon Bautista) over some issues I raised about my friends' living conditions when they got in the US. They took my passport and visa ( which I believe is illegal) and required me to get more experience.When I got here I asked our HR director if I was really delayed because of my lack of experience. He said they have been waiting for me since November ( I got here in April, almost 6 months after my visa was issued). I also lost my position in ER and was asked to work in Med-Surg flr after they have given the slot to someone else because they didn't think I was coming. I just went along with whatever the agency wanted at that time for fear that I may not able to leave and I still don't have the financial capability to take legal actions against them for taking my passport and visa ( I finally consulted some lawyers and said it was indeed illegal). I'm thankful that I'm now in a much better place but if I knew I had to go through all that traumatic experience, I wouldn't have signed up with globalcare. All my batchmates got here in the US without all that drama because they were taken care of by better agencies.

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    i've been with globalcare & i used to think they were good...taking care of all the papers, interviews, job placements, further studies, seminars, etc. few months before i left for the US, i realized they were not the same agency that i trusted. they were not professional at all. their true colors showed when they felt threatened. they almost robbed me off of my US dream. i suggest you try with other agencies. my friend got here thru other agencies and they didn't have to go through what i went through.

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    i've been with global care & i used to think they were good & very professional. everything they said & promised fell through when it was time for me to leave for the US. i don't want to go into details but they would take it out on you personally if you make the slightest complain or they hear something from you not to they're liking. not very professional, i must say. they seem to take care of all your needs while you're there but when you get here, you fend for yourself. there are a lot of options for you out there. my friend got here through HCCA (their ofc is in makati, enterprise bldg) and she's very happy & had no regrets.