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    I believe they told me the orientation/internship would be 9 weeks....

    Any idea what the hourly wages are?

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    I am about to receive an offer from St. Joseph's downtown, and I was wondering if anyone who works there can tell me a little bit about the culture. Also, I am a new grad and am wondering what I may be able to expect for salary? I have heard in Houston it's around $22 or so. Is this the case sense IASIS took over?Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you

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    I am planning on a vacation out of the country, and I will be gone for a month. I know they can't test me while I am there, but I am wondering what they will test when I get back. Has anyone ever been on a vacation where they couldn't test you before? If so did you have to do a hair test when you got back for drugs plus EtG. I have been in recovery almost a year and have incurred a lot of costs from it. I know hair tests are expensive, and I am wondering if going on vacation is the right answer, or if I should just stay at home.

    Also wondering if anyone has ever had an EtG test by hair through their Board. I am not planning on drinking, but wondering how careful I need to be on eating food with wine sauces, ect...

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    Has anyone ever been on vacation in a foreign country where there was no lab to test? If so, what kind of testing did they do when you got back...