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    I live in Canada by the Maine border. I have applied for the RN program at Northern Maine CC and am presently taking some of my electives that are part of the program.

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    I have applied for the RN program at Northern Maine Community College. I have been out of High School for 20 years. The prereq's for this program is HS Biology and Chemistry with labs (within the past 10 years). I have completed these two courses and wrote the NET test last week. I am just waiting now (on pins and needles) for my acceptance and hope to start the nursing program next fall. In the mean time, I am taking four of my electives from the program in Jan which are night courses.

    Good luck with finding a school!

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    I am 41 and have applied for the RN program for next Sept. I am taking my sciences right now. Not sure about all schools, but the one I have applied to, you need your High School Bio & Chem in the past 10 years before you can be accepted into nursing.

    I am really enjoying being in school, my youngest is in grade 11 and my other 2 have graduated and moved out.

    I am really glad I have made this decision for my future, good luck!