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    Wow! It has been a minute since I've been on this thread. 830 posts and counting?! Awesome! Congrats to all who have been accepted/waitlisted...including me- yes...waitlisted for AP; denied for traditional.

    @McKinneyMom & Libra1018- Congrats! ain't over until its over! Keep hope alive! hee hee

    @katybusymom- I am so thoroughly proud of you! Congrats on your acceptance to UTHSC. I have no doubt that you will do well. Amen!

    @tejas03- My heart sank when I read your post; but be of good cheer, my sister in Christ. Expect the expected (1 Thess 2:18). The enemy doesn't bother anyone who isn't a threat. You are on the right track! REROUTE. Luv u, girl!

    For those who have been denied, I can tell you from experience- perseverance will pay off after while. Denial is not a sign of defeat; it's a sign of "pruning." I, for one, will be the first to say, that I had to dig deep to apply for this program once again- 2x and counting. But I will say this: "if you sow in tears, you'll reap in joy" (Ps 126:5).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Took my boards on 08.23.11 and received license on 08.25.11 from the Texas Board of Nursing. Hallelujah! Long road...with juggling VN and BSN pre-reqs concurrently. Trying to find work is another issue; however, if I don't have anything else, I have a lot of faith! Congrats to all!

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    @tejas03, Libra1018...and everyone lurking on this thread! hee hee

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. This has been a trying, exhausting year...but I still press on. This morning, I received confirmation that perseverance will pay off afterwhile...

    I PASSED MY BOARDS!!! Hallelujah!

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    Personally, I would not take two sciences + labs in one semester...that would be overkill. Try registering for a science per semester with a liberal arts course- something that won't require too much of your time. It's all about balance. In this complicated and oftentimes frustrating process of trying to attain any admission to nursing school, just be sure to make time for yourself. I wish I would have taken my own advice; now I'm paying the price. In due season, you will be exactly where you're supposed to be! Keep us posted on your progress. Good luck with your classes!

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    Awww, shucks! You are awesome! It's YOU who deserve kudos- three kids AND a full-time student...AND a husband?! Aw, lawd! Not for the faint of heart. To God be the Glory! I take my boards on 08.23 and everything is riding on this. For better or worse, my life as I know it, will change forever after that date. I'm sooo ready! hee hee

    As you know (and everyone else who has been following this thread), I have been crazy busy trying to apply to all of these schools (6...or maybe it's 7- lost count) AND keeping up with all of the due dates, student email addresses, student ID numbers, passwords, usernames, etc. At the end of the day, I just want some peace! Ahhh!

    I have taken the TEAS V and it was hard for me; the HESI A2 was much easier. As far as the Fall semester is concerned, it will depend if I'm accepted to one of the schools that I applied to; if I don't get in, I'll work on this 2nd Bachelors (e.g., Health/Kinesiology) that I need to finish- only have 2 semesters to complete. There is no rest for Type A personalities! Trying not to become complacent. Once I do that, it's a wrap! ha ha!

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    Thank you for clarifying, aret21. Hmmm. I am not trying to "flame" this program; however, I would be remiss if not to post what I do know: (a) The TBON is ultra conservative. There aren't too many things that they would put up with. If, by chance, the TBON makes a "special" visit to your school/program, for any reason, that is NOT a good thing; (b) a Texas NCLEX candidate has approximately 75 days to take the boards as specified by their ATT (Authorization To Test). If this is not done by the expiration date, the candidate will forfeit everything- cost of the NCLEX, application for licensure, authorization...everything.

    I believe that taking the boards "late" is not necessarily indicative of failing. I know of many, many folk who took it early and failed. If one prepare themselves and put the concepts learned through practice, they will be that more confident when sitting for the boards.

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    Hello, all!

    We need to catch up! Glad to see that this thread is jumpin'! Just finished the summer session- wicked, wicked, WICKED! Studying for boards + studying for summer courses= deadly combination! Too embarrassed to even talk about my grades...oh, well. Finally taking my boards on next week since graduating last December...ha! Just noticing that I need to take the Critical Thinking section on the HESI A2 for TWO schools...thought I did, but Prometrics kindly reminded me that I certainly did NOT. Oh, well...again. Hmmm. That certainly changes things. I do know this- I am mentally/physically drained. Too pooped for anything. Anyone else feels the same way??


    Congrats on the Micro course! Question: YOU ARE A NURSE?! Where did I miss this? How long? Well, I guess at least 10 yrs, right! I know you're trying to find a job with a partner hospital. Do any of them have a specialty side(e.g, SNF/LTAC)?

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    UH-V is a new program, so the jury is still out on that one. If the trend continues, the program may be subjected to probation or worse- the loss of approval. In order to sit for the NCLEX-RN, you must have graduated from an approved institution/program in that respected state. My advice is to continue to frequent the TBON (Texas Board of Nursing) website to check stats as updates should be current by the end of December. Well...continue to frequent the TBON religiously if you plan on sitting for the boards and practicing in Texas period. As future nurses, WE are responsible for knowing and working within our scope of practice (e.g., Nurse Practice Act). Since you are re-taking prereqs, this is a blessing in disguise. Check out the informative threads on this site to help you weed through the application process and also research other programs as well.

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    "For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil." (Ecc 12:14)

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    Hello, carrie380!

    I think that's doable. You can figure out what you need to make by dividing the total number of credits by the total number of hrs. This school doesn't have a minimum TEAS V score, but try to attain at least the average percentage- around 69% up to this point. Most schools would like applicants to achieve this score to be "competitive."

    I assume that because of convenience, you need to attend UH-V. Hmmm. Have you checked out their NCLEX scores? If not, I would highly recommend that you do so:

    As I'm sure that you are aware, student pass rates of NCLEX is indicative of how "strong" that respective institution is- the higher the rate, the more competitive it is to GET in and STAY in. Additionally, from an employers' perspective, pass rates determine how reputable that program is. Trust me, employers check pass rates as well.

    Please note that I am absolutely not trying to deter you from this program, as I am a graduate of UH...yay! However, I did want to provide this information so that you (and others who are reading this thread) can make an informed decision.

    Good luck in your journey to becoming a NURSE! I am confident that you will do well. Keep us posted on your progress.

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    It's held at the Central campus and has the same criteria as the Traditional/Day program. Because personal info is banned on this site, I can't give out specifics. Contact the Nursing Department for details.

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    I ended up with a B in Pharm...and I'm good with that! I received that email on 7.21.11 from E.F. (for those of us currently at UTA, we all know who this is), and it was some sort of "status" email. It also indicated that CON hopes to send out "status" by November 1. Maybe this is something new??

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    Sorry, my friend...there aren't any. You would be hard-pressed to find any in the US for that matter. The BON requires a set amount of contact hrs that must be adhered to by the institution as a requirement for approval. In order to sit for the NCLEX, you MUST have graduated from an APPROVED institution. Anyway, logistically, it's a nightmare for staffing and the availability of resources. However, there are online programs; the problem is that they are not approved by the state of Texas.'ll have spent lots and lots of cash, but can't sit for the boards in Texas.

    Going to nursing school is a commitment and a sacrifice to everyone involved- student, family, employer, etc. If this is something that you want to do, you WILL find a way.

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    Ahhh...yes. Your feelings are justifiable and warranted. You are not bitter or disgrunted; just simply HUMAN and need a BREAK! I do empathize with you as I have been there, done that and continue to do it! I will not reiterate what's already been stated, but instead would like to share some lessons that I have learned as a CNA on my journey in becoming a nurse:

    • the labor is bitter, but the fruits are sweet- There will be some patients who have never set foot into a hospital and are now faced with insurmountable diagnoses, just as those who are always in the hospital. At one point, these individuals were independent and now have become dependent, because of medications, surgery or the illness itself. It is embarrassing to have lost control of bodily functions when you're used to controlling.'s disgusting and labor intensive. But remember, it takes courage to submit- for both the patient AND the caregiver. Think about it. (...which brings up my next point)
    • attitude is EVERYTHING- Patients have a keen sense of perception in determining whether you are genuine or not, the minute you walk into the room. Your response (i.e., what you do next) will either make or break their spirit, trust, etc...and will either make your shift heaven or a living hell. How YOU handle a situation has a trickle down effect on EVERYONE after you, regardless of the environment.
    • it's all a process- The good, the bad, the ugly- it's all a part of going through the process. In this you will find out your strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, what you would put up with/deal breakers. For me, had I not gone through the process, I would not have ever experienced the JOY of seeing a patient recovering, the JOY of a family's gratefulness that you cared for their loved one, the JOY in knowing that you did the best that you could during your shift. There's healing in going through the process...and it's all a process.

    Good luck, my friend! Hone in to that wealth of knowledge that you acquired and worked so hard to attain. Stay the course and be the example of what TO do. I have no doubt that you will be awesome!

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    @tejas03 and Libra1018

    The both of you ROCK! Surely, there's more love on this board!

    I can't wait to be finished either. This semester has licked my butt for real, but I still endure. We shall see. As for pharm, I had this class last semester (Spring, 2011). It was brutal, to say the least. We had obstacles- i.e., instructor change mid-semester, computer glitches, etc. Definitely was trying. However, I enjoyed the instructor for this course (check under "Instructor and Course Syllabus Information") and have no regrets. To prepare, I would recommend that you check last semester's syllabus to give you an idea of how the course is implemented.

    The recent email I received indicated my HESI scores and the minimal possible points to be competitive (i.e., 300). If I'm not mistaken, HESI scores are added to achieve this "score." In addition, the email also states that my transcripts are being forwarded to the next level. Hmmm. As much as I want to believe, I'm not that special! I KNOW there has to be someone else with this SAME email. Anyone??