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    Currently, OT requires a Master's. There is a movement for it to be a doctorate in the future, however. You have to have a Bachelor's, have certain pre-req's (usually Chem, Biology, Psych, etc), and you have to take the GRE in order to get in to OT school. Volunteer hours in OT are usually needed as well.
    There are some schools that offer a doctorate in OT (OTD).
    The physical therapy doctorate is a DPT. If one has a PhD, it is usually in education or philosophy, etc.

    Yes, I agree with you, pediatric OT can be very appealing, especially if you like working with children. I have in the past, and enjoyed it, but my calling is in acute care. And there I must go!

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    I am an O.T. and have been for the past 10 years. I have learned that I like working in hospitals the best, vs outpatient or SNFs or ALFs, etc. I like working with the medically acute patient. Sitting around with a patient working puzzles, or doing crafts is boring to me. Yes, it can be therapeutic, but boring. I like the setting of a hospital and the teamwork of MD's, NP's, PA's, RN's, PT's, OT's, etc to get a patient medically stable in order to move on to their next step of rehab, or home, whichever fits. As such, I have decided to do a fast track RN, then on to Master's in Nursing to be an NP. I think I will be happier with that profession than I am with OT. I like to analyze and figure out what's going on with a patient, then address the issue. If you're thinking of OT school, it should be because you want to rehab someone through neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercises, activity tolerance building through graded activity, etc., not because you want to sit around and do crafts. Anyone can do that.