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    Quote from BradleyRN
    And, an LPN shouldnt be able to take your duties as far as im concerned! Good luck in nursing school! :wink2:
    Interesting comments to this nervous CMA. Has anyone even given the thought to the fact that perhaps her duties are being taken away because she couldn't handle it.

    "I think in this whole situtation what gets me the most is that she left because she was unhappy with how the office was run. Why would they willingly bring her back, knowing she was unhappy? "

    Did she leave on good terms? Do you know what she was unhappy about? If she left on good terms and was a reliable employee you have your answer as to why they would want her back. If her unhappiness was due to office polices you are probably in for some major changes in your office as this would be her bargaining chip for coming back
    "i don't even know if its that she was more unhappy where she was. we don't know any details of why shes coming back, and i don't expect to learn any...but the insight I've gained from one of the doctors in the practice is that the owner doctor of the practice called her to come back and she more than likely named a salary which she'd come back for."

    Whatever her salary is its none of your business. I've read your other posts regarding the return of this employee and your perception of her lack of skills-sounds more to me like your just a jelous employee who trying to justfy her posistion.
    I guarantee if I were coming back as your manager, your employment would be very short term as you sound like a troublemaker who needs to go elsewhere. You say you're just starting nursing school hopefully while getting your education you will grow up too.