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    Congratulations on all who have recently received their acceptance to the program!! I am also hoping to find a roommate in/surrounding the Philadelphia area. However, I am looking to have a living situation where everyone has their own individual room.

    Also, from previous posts that I have read, it seems that living close to the campus is really only beneficial the 1st quarter because that is when you have more class time vs clinical time. After that quarter, you are doing so many clinicals, and you have no say on where you complete them, so you could be very far away from I would prefer to find a place with a little more space, and a little less in rent (and preferably free parking) and just bite the bullet and do the little extra commute to campus during the 1st quarter.

    If anyone is interested, please let me know. I will be traveling out of the country before school starts, so I would like to have things settled before the chaos beings !


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    Congratulations to all that have been accepted!!! I was originally supposed to start the program Fall '09 but deferred my enrollment to Spring '10. I know this is really soon to ask, but out of curiousity....does anyone know what they are going to do for housing?

    I am coming from Maryland, and would prefer not to live in on-campus housing....I thought it might be good to have some of us rent a house and live together. It could be beneficial in terms of studying, and possibly for commuting to clinicals. If anyone is interested, please let me know! You can e-mail me at

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    Quote from MPHgirl
    When I was attending the Drexel School of Public Health (Center City Campus), I stayed at Stiles Alumni Hall, an apartment highrise that Drexel owns. It's directly across the street from Hahnemann Hospital/New College Building, which made it very convenient!!! It's also near a subway line. University City or the City Line Avenue area are also nice places to live if you do not want to live on-campus or in Center City. I love Philly because almost any place you need to get to is accessible via public transportation.

    Thank you so much!! I received Drexel's new student confirmation packet, and they had information about Stiles Hall. My boyfriend plans on relocating with me, so I'm not sure how that will work out. I could make him marry me beforehand ;-).

    Did you enjoy living in Stiles?

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    Quote from hiddencat
    I know, I know- that's totally wishful thinking on my part that they will increase the loan limits. But who knows? They have already extended unemployment TWICE in 4 months. Maybe they will shower students with money next. We must be on that bailout list somewhere.
    Good point!!! Give us money!!!

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    I'm just curious on if you have finally heard any word on acceptance. I applied for Fall 2009, and received my provisional acceptance at the beginning of November I think. However, I saw another person on a different post that just received their acceptance today.

    I wish you luck, and hope to see you soon!


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    Congratulations j450n! I'll look forward to meeting you next Fall!

    Just out of curiousity, how many of you are out-of-state, and what are you doing for housing?

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    I did not have a problem with the actually application process. I did have a problem with them accepting my chemistry class, but eventually I did get that as well. So, do call! They are very helpful!

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    I finally got ahold of Ms. Breslin. I think there is some confusion with my classes because I took a hybrid chem class. The first portion covered mainly general chem and then ended with a little organic chemistry. Then the second portion covered the remainder of orgo and finished with biochemistry.

    Ms. Breslin told me to send in my syllabuses so she can review the courses with the Program Director.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Also, Koala, glad to hear you received your credit for nutrition.

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    I have had the same issue, but they did not accept my chemistries and lab. I tried e-mailing and calling Peggy Breslin (The advisor for the ACE program), but I have not heard anything from her .

    It worries me a little considering we have 40 days to send in our deposit, and I don't want to put the money down if I may have to retake classes that I may not have enough time to finish.



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    That was my cumulative GPA. I haven't even bothered calculating my GPA for the last 60 credits, but it would def. be higher than 3.33.

    As for my pre-requisites, I am pretty much done. They did a transcript evaluation for those that have received acceptance, and they accepted everything except my ethics and chemistry. I am not sure why they didn't accept my chemistry credits, but I have e-mailed an advisor about it. As for my ethics, I am currently enrolled in a biomedical ethics class. I will be graduating this December, so I will be sending my final transcripts for another round of evaluations.

    Don't get discouraged if you haven't heard anything yet. If I were you, I would give them a call. Did you apply by the deadline?

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    In response to beetree2008, my GPA was a 3.33.

    And for Isitpossible, I am not too sure myself on the financial aid portion. However, for your question about employment, I have several friends that are completing their BSN at University of Maryland, and many have received job offers before even graduating! Since this career is in such high demand, we should have nothing to worry about in terms of receiving and maintaining a job.

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    Hello All!!!

    I applied for Fall 2009, as well, and I received my acceptance letter on November 6th! So, if you haven't heard any word yet, it will be coming soon!

    -Tina Dominey