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  • Sep 28 '12

    1 Nursing school is a guide but not reality.

    2 You are not really expected to know everything.

    3Listen to others experiences but develop your own practice.Every nurse has something valuable to offer including you!

    4 Remembering the phrase "Everyone is doing the best that they can in this moment with what they have,
    (This will lessen your judgement of other staff,pts and most importantly yourself! )

    5 Don't strive for super nurse. You are enough as is (that took me 10yrs!!! )

    6 Frustration is normal tomorrows a new day.

    7 Choose to be kind.

  • Aug 4 '12

    you have to look at the gauge at the same time you listen to the korotkoff sounds, or you won't know what the pressure is when you hear the first and last sounds, so you won't know what to write down.

    in answer to the op's question, it's because they are lazy, never learned what the blood pressure truly measures and what systolic and diastolic indicate physiologically, or they just don't care.

    don't get me started on those autocuffs (dinamap and others). these must be applied properly or they can't "hear" the sounds, and they are not appropriate to use with anyone who has an irregular pulse and an irregular pulse pressure, like, oh, everyone in atrial fibrillation! i see them applied wrong all the time (including by the ma at my pcp's office) so the readings are useless for care decision-making, but nobody seems to care.