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    Personally I think being an admissions nurse in hospice is the best job I have ever had. Autonomy-yes, mundane-no. As previously mentioned, every patient and family are different. You have to be very open minded when you walk in the door because you never know what they are going though. My opinion is a good admissions nurse does everything within their power to "set the patient up". You want them to understand the concept of hospice and how incredible the benefit can be not only to the patient but to the family. Then, you are fortunate enough to order the DME, meds, jump every hurdle imaginable just to make sure they have everything they need until their primary nurse comes usually the following day. Of couse, then you have the difficult to qualify cases. These allow you do use your critical thinking skills over and above anything you could have imagined! Every day is a new day, every patient has a different challenge. If you enjoy hospice but feel it would be too difficult to get so attached to your patients and then they die....then admissions is a great place for you!

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    Thank you so much for the direction.

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    I was looking over the BON for NJ and could not find the requirements for reciprocity to that state. I do not think NY or NJ are compact states and curious if anyone knows the process.