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  • Feb 21

    I was a full time L&D nurse for 3 years and then took 2 years off after having a baby.
    I was starting to feel nervous about the gap in my résumé, and my certifications like BLS and ACLS had all expired.
    But I went ahead and applied to a couple local hospitals (we moved to a different state last year)
    I had my first interview Monday and got offered the job today! PRN L&D which is what I wanted (not ready for full time hours yet)
    So it can be done!

  • Dec 8 '17

    Has anyone ever done this? Do you like it? What's the pay like compared to hospital nursing?

    I'm thinking about applying to my nursing school alma mater to be a part-time clinical instructor in my speciality (Maternity).
    I like it when nursing students are on the floor - it's fun to teach them and I think I would like being an instructor.
    I also teach childbirth education to expecting moms and dads which is a fairly new part-time job for me and I like that too.

    I think I just get bored doing the same thing every day and after almost 2 years at my job, I'm seeking some variety.
    In my ideal world I'd have 3 different part-time or per diem jobs as opposed to just 1 full-time job.