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    Oops--I forgot to add the article about the Colorado nurses.

    I am sure there are many other sites about this incident.

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    The discussion related to medication errors is interesting to me. I remember the first error I ever made, which was as a new graduate back in 1971 so I take the subject very serious. It was probably more of a system problem, but nonetheless, I made an error, which I will never forget.

    I teach pediatric nursing so I use my own error as an example and I also use the Colorado nurse incident (somebody already mentioned) as an example. We have to abide by the five rights. I add two additional rights for my students--right documentation and right approach.

    I just read two articles (as a result of this discussion)

    The shortage of nurses is most likely contributing to the increase in incidents. We have to speak up if we want change to occur. Make it a mission. Know what your rights are as a nurse. And, yes, the buck does seem to stop with us if we administer the medicaton.

    Many of you had some great suggestions. Before you take a job, check into the support you get as a nurse. Find out if there is a committee you can serve on that deals with medication errors.

    As an educator, my perception is that medication administration (all routes) is one of the most anxiety producing skills for students