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    Also....see if your hubby will take the kids out for short exursions while you study....I was also the B-C student...dang test taking With determination like you have I know you will be a great nurse. Yes you are learning...I think the people in the state boards and those types of places are ex teachers that got kicked out for being nasty. It's all out there young lady...but just stay focused on yourself and don't worry about anything else. We can only change one piece of this world and that is ourselves...but by making ourselves better we also make the world a little better

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    Catlady??? From planet feline huh???? Look a couple of posts down....not only eat their young but their old that is a bit more right This nurse is one who did happen to work in another field prior to becoming a other fields people try to get ahead by attaining more education, working hard, putting in extra hours, working projects, things like that. It has only been in nursing that I have seen women attempting to advance by "eliminating" their they see it. It is soooooooo sad and I muself eve with 20 years of experience have been attacked by a few new grads on rare occassion. All I do is do my job, take the best care of my patients I can and avoid politics and the "eaters" I have no use for them and the good Lord takes care of the rest for me :wink2:

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    I would just like to say congratulations for finally taking care of a problem that was obviously lied about not only verbally but in charting. In the past 20 years I have also followed nurses who stated that something was done and it was not, found patients in dried feces and foul stale urine that had obviously been there for some time, patients who had not been turned and where developing bed sores. It is terrible. I would have done as you did with one great exception, I would have brought it to the attention of the charge nurse of what the situation was and is. Most of the time this is the only way you will be able to correct poor care. Just because someone becomes a nurse doesn't necessarialy mean that they care about their patients. Like anything people like these give the good nurses a bad name and they also give the hospital or facility a bad name, needless to mention of the injustice they are doing to the patient themselves. I have stayed many extra hours after long hard shifts to finish doing exactly what you did as I would not be able to rest well knowing I left someone in poor shape...we do the best we can but we also must make sure the patient is not mistreated...I am assuming that you didn't want to be the "bad guy" and report this incident for some reason. Please dont consider reporting something like this a bad thing, it is something that needs to be corrected, what happens if you leave the facility? Who will take care of things? Will the patients just lay there dirty all the time then? At least you were able to put a bandaid on the situation....good time fix the wound my friend...the good nurses will repect you for it and the bad ones...well they probably should be in another profession...Good luck in your career and keep up the good work!

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    She broke "the box" when she did that...I would have realy been upset especially being a male in a female environment...and probably would have not only been upset but stated a few unpleasant words to reinforce my feelings and then reported her to the house supervisor.:uhoh21:

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    Some good points in several of the replys however I would like to add bit of knowledge to the subject. Dont always use a tournequet...with some patients having one on will ause the vein to blow as you start the angiocath. Do not have the patient pump their hands, much better to take and alcohol pad and rub the site briskly but not too hard and this will cause the vein to stand up for you and the minimal heat form the friction is all you need. Always place your angiocath on top of the vein and do not "slide" it into the patient but advance in short brisk jerk like motions until you feel the "pop" (remember this are "short") Learn the main anatomy of the vein layout and feel for your veins. In patients that are dark skinned you may never see a vein and have to know how to feel for them..with out touch you are many times lost. Even in fair skinned patient if you are only able to see veins and not know how to feel for them you will probably miss a huge vein someplace that has never been tried...also with someone who gets poked a lot always look on the backside of the forearm...simply because it is away from the nurses starting the iv it is often not even examined...there are some big viens back there my friends. Placeig the cath on top of the vein eliminates a lot of the side action you get from veins if they are hard to enter and you are attempting a sideways stick. But whatever works for you best stick with it. and Practice Practice Practice

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    What amazes me the most about your question is the reply posts. It sure seems as if you are getting plenty of advice to dump this guy before any wedding or anything like that....why not just slow things down a bit. Nursing school for me was extremely stressful and not every bad situation was my ex's fault...yes I am now divorced...but not because of nursing. I guess I would suggest you search your own you love this guy? Is he willing to sit down and talk with you about your feelings and situation? At your age there can still be a lot of learning to be had about relationships...not that you dont' already know a lot...but the one thing you do know is how you feel and that is what is important. Are you putting up your post because you want someone to tell you that it is OK to leave this guy? Is this someone you have known for only a few months or maybe a year? There are so many questions to give you a good answer but in all reality the only true answer you can have is inside of you..and from nobody else...nobody knows but you how you you don't need anyone to give you the answer to this question.

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    It is not difficult to see by your post that you are extremely frustrated. Passing boards is a lot of pressure in itself. I myself am not a good test taker. Also it is difficult for me to learn from books but I do much better by doing hands on, my retention is also better. Figure out what your best way to learn probably know after going through nursing school. If it is hands on like me then I suggest that you review the books suggested in earlier posts. However when you review any material look at the theory behind it and not the actual questions. Learn the theory and it doesn't matter what the question will get the correct answer. Sometimes we concentrate way to much on the correct answer to a specific question and in real life senarios there we are presented with different situations that require decisions not based on a actual question but what the body will do and what we need to do to get the response that we need.

    My best study guide...although I also went through a NCLEX prep course...was my hands on experience and asking or finding out answers to why things were done the way they were. That was in the days you could work as a GN however I also worked as a LPN in an ICU and that gained me immense amounts of knowledge. The pay was less but it gave me the confidence I needed to pass boards. Please dont worry so much about passing will director who was one of the greatest nurses I have known took 5 times to pass them...That probably doesn't help your feelings right now but just know there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope it's not a train coming at ya dear...:icon_roll

    Good Luck