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    Quote from classicdame
    yes. this is not a vaccine. check out the cdc recommendation.

    thank you so much!!! your help is really appreciated. sometimes theres information out there that some of us are looking for and a little help from people like you is greatly appreciated! thanks again. :wink2:

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    Sorry! What I meant to say was it safe to take another ppd skin test if the first one was POSITIVE? I've had one done about 6 years ago and my skin was very irritated. I've had chest xrays and I'm okay. BUT, I'm applying for another job and they require the measurements of the rash that I had got on my arm. (I am not able to obtain this information from my previous medical group). So, now they want me to have it done again and I'm nervous on what reaction my skin might have this time.

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    would it be safe to have a second ppd skin test done, if the first was already negative? :icon_roll