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    Hey Ronix and briantofaz! I've been hoping someone else would say they are starting the same cohort I am! Congrats to you both Ronix, I understood it the same way briantofaz did..they need to be done or in the process of being done by the 7th.

    See you guys Tuesday!!

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    I turned in my application the day of the deadline, April 3rd, received a call for an interview on the 6th, and had my interview that next week. Then on May 10th they sent out letters. I was accepted into the GateWay cohort for July and I'm starting next Tuesday! It all happened really quick. However, after reading through some posts I found out that some people had a longer wait for their call. Just my experience though.

    Good luck to you

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    Quote from MilwaukeeRNstu
    I too am very excited about starting nursing school in the fall. The only thing I think and worry about is doing presentations in front of the class. I have an incredible fear of public speaking. YIKES! I even get all freaked out when doing ice breakers the first day of class. Other than that, I am SO excited to learn about disease processes and being a Nurse.
    I am the same way! I start July 7th. Those of you who have started...are there a lot of presentations in front of the class? I didn't even think about the first day and ice breakers and stuff. I'm sure we'll make it through it Milwaukee! But the first few times could be interesting...

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    This is my first time posting on here but I think I can help with your questions

    1. BNFP is not just for people who hold a bachelor's degree. However, they may have certain cohorts where they only accept people who hold a bachelors degree. I was just accepted into the July cohort at GateWay and I have no previous degrees.

    2. When I attended the information session in March they said that the October 2009 cohorts will be at GateWay and Estrella.

    3. I included both unofficial transcripts because my high school transcript showed that I took Chemistry, which is a required class. If all of your prereqs and coreqs were taken in college then your highschool transcript is not necessary.