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    Quote from kits_08
    Hi can you share wat questions were asked? khit few lng... then wat's the dress code for exam?
    if youve passed the NLE then the pre employment exam should be easy for you. im sorry we arent supposed to share whats in the exam coz that would be cheating.. if you dont want to hit the books i suggest you just study the basics. just come in business attire. good luck

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    its been 4 years since i graduated and have been unemployed since. people have been convincing me to give the volunteer programs a try. ive stubbornly refused believing that im helping my fellow unemployed nurses get a job by not joining such programs.

    think of it this way, when a nurse resigns to leave for another job, instead of having a vacant position for a new nurse, the position will be filled by 10 or more volunteer nurses to avoid giving salary and benefits which is due for that vacant position.

    so if we unemployed nurses stop accepting volunteer positions then maybe hospitals will soon realize how undere staffed they are and maybe start hiring people.

    its time we stand up for ourselves and not let others exploit us.

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    Quote from cool_nurse
    do you have a backer? I came there personally last year and they told me to sign up via their computer? And yet they didn't call me up to know. =(
    unfortunately i dont have a backer.. neither do i have a board passing rate more than 80.. im a 2007 graduate with no experience either..

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    "Under the Labor Code of the Philippines:

    Book 3:
    "Employee" includes any individual employed by an employer.
    "Employ" includes to suffer or permit to work.
    Book 6:
    Art. 281. Probationary employment. Probationary employment shall not exceed six (6) months from the date the employee started working, unless it is covered by an apprenticeship agreement stipulating a longer period. The services of an employee who has been engaged on a probationary basis may be terminated for a just cause or when he fails to qualify as a regular employee in accordance with reasonable standards made known by the employer to the employee at the time of his engagement. An employee who is allowed to work after a probationary period shall be considered a regular employee."


    Does this mean that if a person is put under a work force even as a volunteer, after 6 months of being under a program, the employer has to show proof that this person was evaluated, showing evidence that this person did not pass the requirements needed to be a regular employee. Otherwise, the person must be made a REGULAR employee, regardless of overstaffing?

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    Quote from bdeusCodrn
    @bubblesbooboobaby: hi! did you submit your resume through their website or you went to the tmc personally? tx
    yes i went to tmc personally.. good luck with your application!

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    Quote from carlo018
    @bubbles.. when did you take your entrance exam?
    i sat for the exam 2 weeks ago.. then the results were released a week after..

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    Quote from carlo018
    @bubbles.. so are u already hired in medical city? do u think.. after the training.. will i be hired? or wat do u think is the percentage of being hired? hehe thanks
    i just passed their entrance exam, but to get in the ntap i need to pass their psych exam and panel interview.. once you finish the ntap, you'll have to wait for your contract/ deployment.

    medical city is always open on accepting applicants. all you have to do is log your name into their list of applicants in the h.r. youll have to wait around 6 months to get a call/text informing you of your exam. i heard not everyone who enlists their name gets the exam. best of luck to everyone here!

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    Quote from nokolipRN
    hmm you have your backer that's why you are informed to take the exam.. just read on the previous threads.. you will see where to focus! godbless!
    wow that was really harsh. some of us who got to take the exam actually worked hard to be able to sit for the exam, without backers.

    Quote from mikeru22
    Oh so how would you differentiate one from the other? Does being a trainee mean you can be a staff nurse or it's the other way around?
    after applying for the exam, you will have to wait a few months for a text or call informing you of the exam details. getting to sit for the exam is already an accomplishment. then you have to pass the entrance exam to get into the ntap as a trainee. once you finish the program you will be deployed as a nurse when they find a vacancy for you.

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    Quote from manyeeka
    Hello nurses, I have a couple of questions..

    First, Does CHMC still accepting applicants? I passed my requirements there last year, August. I just wanted to know if I could pass my resume again. To those who have a recommendation letter, could you please tell me to whom did you address the letter. TIA!

    Next, is Ospital ng Makati open for non resident of the said city? Where to pass application?

    Thanks in advance..
    i heard from city hall personnel they prioritize makati residents. in fact they havent hired a non resident recently

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    Quote from felicitypaul
    yes!! definitely!!

    I went to City Hall of Makati yesterday and the one whom I spoke with told me to call the one who handled all the applications..

    Take note I submitted my application last August 2010..and until now still on hold..
    if you applied around that time then your file must be missing just like mine since the one handling applications during that time did not renew her contract with makati h.r. and by the way according to the hr personnel they have a backlog with the applications. theyre just about to check the 2009 resumes. submitting an application now would mean it would be read 2 years from now.

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    im a 2007 graduate but have only applied to one hospital since graduating.. i live in makati and so i only want to work in this area.. i tried applying personally to osmak thru city hall but unluckily didnt get any response.. im waiting for mmc's response since its my backer whos filing for my application..

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    i graduated 2 years ago and finally sat for the nle exam just last november (which i successfully passed). anyway i took the kaplan nle refresher course and shifted to merge right after.

    kaplan gives out complete reviewers. while merge helps you practice taking exams. so if you are short of the fundamentals, kaplan can teach you everything. merge only teaches the basics but they can actually guide you to what you should only study. so if you are very hardworking and dont want to miss out anything, go for kaplan. but if you only want to study what you only need, go for merge.

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    Quote from suzanne4
    They can be sent in the same courier envelope.
    so if i can send it in the same courier envelope, should i use my name for the senders name? i believe i read somewhere in the ca bon website that they wont be accepting school documents given to applicants.. so im confused if sending sealed school documents in behalf of the school falls under this rule...

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Any legal documents from your school and the PRC will not be accepted if they are sent by you, unless they are in a sealed envelope from that agency and then placed in the same courier envelope to be sent.

    Best way for you to do it is to have it sent separately. There is no rush as there is a retrogression in place at this time.
    hi suzanne! im planning to send my application form and fingerprint cards (placed inside the required 9x12 envelope) together with the required school documents (which is enclosed in the school envelope, with official seals) in the same courier envelope. my school said that i should put the school as the sender and use the schools address as well. the thing is, the school said they arent sure though if i could send them together in one envelope. and if that is the case, then shouldnt i use my name as the sender since it is really me who is sending it?

    thank you for replying in advance

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    Quote from quackmoonstar
    Philippine Kidney Dialysis Foundation. 5 weeks training. Fee ranges from 10 to 11k php, I guess. Plus you have a very high chance of getting hired if you applied and have the BLS, IVT and ACLS.
    do they accept under board bsn graduates? coz i heard that the ivt and acls trainings require a license. so im guessing that this program is strictly for rn's, am i correct?