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    Steve, can I ask you about your NP program? Thanks

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    Enjoy your time. You will have time to learn and I know you are excited. But burnout in any job is high and learn now how to find a little peace and balance as you need it after a rough night. if only they will hire me,,,,a seasoned old RN, who is an Adult NP working with veterans......wish me luck!

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    I know I need to get my NNP....I was just looking for advice and support. I have great foundation but yes, I have never done and umbilical line etc.

    I am excited about this career change.

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    Anyone with their NNP and advice for someone who has their Adult NP (and yes I know I need tons of NICU hours and then school-again) on how to bust into the field with this not being my background.

    I did Neuro/ICU nursing since 1995, then got my Adult NP in 2001 and have hospitalist, long term care and primary care.

    Now I want to do a 180, work with the little ones......

    I need some advice, please help if you have some, if you think I am nuts let me know, etc. :bowingpur


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    My name is Melanie and I am new to the site. I am an experienced RN (since 1995, Neuro, ICU) and then got my Adult NP in 2001. I have done long term care, Hospitalist work and now do adult primary care. I live in SF.

    Great, so what am I doing here? I have always wanted, and now that I have the means (hubby, more hospitals where I live, support) I can finally pursue NICU nursing. Hoping to one day get my NNP.

    Issue is, look at my experience. How do I bust into the field??????

    I see places will hire New Grads (sorry, not trying to be snotty to them, we all need our first job) for NICU training or they want a year of what is a girl like me to do?????

    Any and all help is appreciated. Advice, pros/cons, whatever you think (even if you think I am nuts) please share. :bowingpur

    Kindest regards!