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    Quote from lovingtheunloved
    You're aides are lucky then. I think I've taken two fifteen minute breaks in the last two years. The only time I ever ask a nurse for help is if the situation needs attention ASAP and there is not another aide available. The nurses do their jobs, I do mine.

    Not all of us are so stupid as to think that a band aid is an emergency. I worked with this one nurse who every time I reported something like a skin tear, jumped my butt because she thought I was asking her to stop what she was doing and take care of it. No, she was too stupid to understand the difference between demanding action and simply reporting something. I learned the value of the Post-It note with that one.
    Amen, I've learned to stop saying a whole lot during shift change because i'm looked at as if i'm stupid. So If it's not life and death I pas it off to my Next NA and let her know to keep an eye on it if it gets worse to notify nurse.

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    My thing is I do like most of my RN's I work with and we are one CNA to GYN L&D floor, which isn't bad because we're not usually that busy. Howerever what makes me mad is when I'm swamped and an RN is sitting behind the desk talking about family affairs and a pt comes to ask for something and this person rudely turns to me and says "so and so can you go get this pt ..." granted it's quater to 7 and i'm typing in my notes so I can go home. I am a person who jumps for anything and anybody even when there sitting there browsing the net. But like i said i like most my nurses and thats my job @ pay of 8 dollars an hour. But there is this one such nurses that thinks she is my boss and is very ugly acting and treats me like i'm stupid and insignificant except for jumping to her needs. My question is that our job to be there gofer, there slave, because that's the way i feel, even by my supervisor sometimes. So i've learned to keep my mouth shut and do my job, and learn who i can coversate with and who i can't. What bugs me the most is I would love to be a nurse but not everyone can afford to work, and go to school and now take care of a family. I have all my general study classes under me it's a matter of getting into a program.