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    Thought I would share this for an opportunity in Boston October 9-12, 2014 for 35 Ceu's, at the Mad Pride International Festival...

    It is important to understand these issues in the realm of mental health for those interested.,..


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    Always look into your school first and make sure they have accreditation standards...I feel for all those who put in time and will not get any credits transferable whatsoever....What a shame and waste....maybe if they are filing for bankruptcy, they can somehow not be required to pay their student loans or if they are just doing a chapter 11, then maybe get in on the list of creditiors?? Not sure but I think this is awful for those who put money and time into this and were expecting more...

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    Yes there is reason to be afraid of a medications classification such as an antipsychotic.

    1) There are several physical problems as a result of taking any AP, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, kidney disease, cardiac arrest, insomnia, eye issues, fibromyalgia, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, abnormal muscle movements, tardive dyskinesia, NMS, serotonin syndrome, CNS damage and depletion of GABA receptors and many other side effects too long to list but can be found on

    2) There are reports, studies and clinical trials that report that people who take AP's have more incidences of rehospitalization and more relapses than those treated with placebos..Incidences of psychosis are more common once on a AP and also there is a risk of psychosis in a withdrawal period. Not to mention long term disability

    3) No there are not many conditions AP's are used for except for psychosis and sleep (Seroquel)

    4) There is agreement now between many prominent psychiatrists that AP's should be used short term and that long term use can cause permanent disability.

    5) Resulting Stigma, discrimination among others in society as well as medical discrimination and inability to receive life insurance.

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    Yes it is possible to go to nursing school with a mental illness, to graduate and get licensed however if your illness is reported either by you, someone who knows you, your doctor or anyone else who may have issue with this, or if you have prior hospitalizations, or if their is a complaint against you for any reason and this is revealed, you will be put into a monitoring program from anywhere from 2-5 years with reporting from your psychiatrist, therapist and be required to submit to random drug screens at your expense anywhere from 1-12 times per month, you will be required to send in monthly reports, sign your privacy consent away and also be required to pay for administrative fees every year to pay for participation in the program...Sorry chris you are having intrusive thoughts which sometimes be a result of a change in medication, withdrawal of one or a side effect of one. Blocking out thoughts or changing them is sometimes more beneficial than medication at times. It was put to me at one point that we get 60,000 thoughts a day and a way to assist with intrusive thoughts is to just watch them, notice them as if you are a bystander, and imagine that they are on a conveyer belt just dropping off the end...distraction is also is common under the stress of nursing school to experience anxiety as to the nature of the stress involved, the expectations and the pressure related to exceed and pass...remember that intrusive thoughts are just that, harmless, bothersome, etc....we do have control over what we think about at times. Norman Vincent Peale said once "Change your thoughts- change your world"

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    Felt it was vital to share this here as Nurses who deal with these Types of patients....

    It may change the way you view your practice.............hopefully...

    Many "psych" patients are uncommunicative....but here are some results from those who are....

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    Quote from LadysSolo
    So many say that suicide is selfish. It is not. It is about feeling that the world is better off without you, and it is a way of ending the pain of self-hate. I am cannot believe how much Mr. Williams' death has affected me.
    At times people are suffering so much physically that the pain is so great and the struggle so difficult that Yes people do decide to take their lives....Not only can the physical pain be great but the emotional pain can be equally as great and for someone who is in withdraw or coming off of psych meds or being switched around from one to another the insomnia alone is enough to literally go off the deep end....

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    [QUOTE=ixchel, rn;8069594]BeOne77, I feel the emotion behind your post and offer you hugs, first and foremost.

    A standard nursing education will include psychiatric nursing, including these medications - taking them and stopping them, and the dangers of both.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Umm Yes a "standard" nursing education does include psychiatric nursing Yes and No standard nursing education nor standard medical education goes into the "stopping" of Psychiatric medication properly...All too often Psychiatrists will tell you Oh, that's not working or you don't want to take that? Or its causing too many unwanted side effects? Ok well this is what you should do. EX:..if you are on 15mg of Abilify, you should cut down to 10mg the first week, then go down to 5mg, then 2.5 the last week, then alternate 2.5 every other day until you are off....Does anyone realize the problem with this advice?

    Well Let me tell you if the brain is given an antipsychotic, and you take it away in this manner at this rate, the brain function of what it was regulating when on the drug does not give it time to restabilize thus resulting in shakes, tremors, terror, nausea, wrenching pain, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, psychosis, heart palps, metabolic issues, blurry vision, etc..cortisol levels are influenced, the CNS is destabilized, adrenals are stressed, the gut is damaged, etc. Often more times than not the patient returns to the doctor and asks the doctor what is happening with me? Oh and did I say hallucinations, suicidal ideation, confusion, depersonalization and derealization,.

    ..So you return and the doc says Oh your original condition must be returning...let's try something else...And here you go on and on and on until you finally pick up a book by Peter Breggin MD called "Your Drug may be your problem" and the light switch gets turned on....Geesh this explains a lot...So NO Nursing education is indeed basic when it comes to "stopping" medication and too often because of the lack of knowledge and preparation in this area too many people are suffering and feel it is necessary to go back on the drug and live a drugged existence with not much emotional variance. But Yes there is a way to get off is called Tapering...You taper 10% or less even to 5% or even less than that according to what your body can handle...It is done not in weeks but months or years...For people who have been on these drugs 10, 20, 30 years you cannot expect someone for example if they want to become pregnant to jump off this within a week or even a month...

    Relapse is bound to happen because of the changes in neural pathways that have been changed as a result of taking the drug.....Everyone knows that when you stop alcohol or caffeine there are w/d symptoms and these are not as extreme or intense as the powerful substances as the concocted complex chemical molecular structure of the psychotropics...And no the pharmaceutical companies do not have discontinuation schedules for these drugs...They haven't studied it..They test on monkeys, then test subjects and No I am not frustrated by the assumptions and thoughts shared here...I am only speaking about a subject that only the people who have withdrawn by their doctors advice who are supposed to be educated in this subject but are not because they are not getting it in the medical education and certainly not from the pharm industry..I am only sharing a subject dear to me because I have gone through it and know now there is little information besides Prof. Heather Ashton's Manual on benzowithdrawal as a guide to the mental mess and pain and suffering these drugs are actually causing.

    ..I am trying to bring awareness to a subject that is now becoming more widespread than most nurses realize and there is more and more information coming out regarding this subject where medical science has not breached the subject. All too often doctors will do test after test to try and determine what is causing all of these symptoms and can't find anything wrong....and thus reblame the patient for their medical condition because they themselves can't figure it out....

    There really is no reason to be giving stimulants to ADHD children or antipsychotics to 2-4 year olds..because a parent can't control a child or the child is having problems at school. That's why there is counseling and discipline...

    And Yes there is truth when the bottle says do not discontinue without seeking medical advice, do not stop abruptly, if you miss a dose do not double up on the dose. If you miss this dose, then take the next dose at the next scheduled time....

    And doctors will try and convince you that your "illness" has returned or you are relapsing when they are clueless that the drug they have given you is the source of the problem. The recommended result? Add more of the drug or switch to something else and risk w/d..not the correction and certainly not a cure or a healing for depression or even psychosis....Many of these drugs such as Klonipin or Ativan are designed for short term use of up to two weeks at most....Some people have been on doses of up to 12mg of Ativan or 60mg of Valium for 20-30 years....There are people on 1200mg of Seroquel, 11mg of Risperadol, 90mg of Remeron....These are very outrageous doses....and these all have sedating and tranquilizing effects...I am not sure why anyone would want to be sedated in these states for 20-30 years but this is what happens to the "mentally ill" and they die on average 25 years earlier than the average due to physical problems and debilitation caused by the drugs....Just trying to get awareness out there that this is not ok and that it causes more pain and suffering physically as well as financially, emotionally and to the people around them as to the lack of life within them...

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    Quote from keylimesqueez
    "High serotonin is known to be an indicator for carcinoid tumors."

    .... Not sure where you were going with that statement. Serotonin levels can be elevated in carcinoid tumors and are elevated during a carcinoid crisis. But there are other biomarkers (CgA, PPP, pancreastatin,NkA,etc) that must be present to indicate NET/CS.

    I do believe the US population is over medicated, in general. And that the true definitions of mental disorders are grossly exaggerated. However I also believe there are some people that benefit from pharma treatment of true mental disorder. In fact, a side effect of antidepressants is suicide due to the fact that the person is getting back in balance and energy levels are the first to rebound. Which is why patients on these meds should be monitored closely.

    In balance from what? Getting back into balance....No this is not vertigo or low blood sugar or even orthostatic htn....Its as if to say someone who is depressed is unbalanced? No these drugs do not balance any chemicals in the brain...If anything they cause imbalances where there were none before. They also mess with the GABA system. Too many people who experience "depression" for the first time and start on ADs report worsening of depression, sometimes nightmares, and yes it can cause increased energy because it is causing an imbalance not rebalancing...They are inhibiting neurons and synapses and causing multiple other issues such as dizziness, increased appetite, dry mouth, anxiety, low blood pressure, etc. etc.. And no they do not increase serotonin as they market them for everyone to believe....The side effects are numerous..why do you think their energy levels are rebounding here? And if they were to increase serotonin as claimed why do you think it takes 4-8 weeks to reach a steady blood level?? It does not take 6 weeks to increase serotonin. There are foods that do this and exercise. No these drugs are known to "change" brain neurochemistry, not improve it...When you start manipulating brain chemicals and people's thoughts and thinking...Yes you are bound to have problems...and no, patients are not being monitored because their energy levels are increasing, it is because they are more at a risk of suicide having the drug in them and having more "energy" to finally carry it make a detailed plan...What is your definition of a "true" mental disorder? Please explain your rationale...

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    Quote from mschulz
    I also think it could have had to do with a high IQ (not that I know his IQ, I'm just guessing he was VERY intelligent.) They say brilliance isn't far from madness... his mind probably moved at about 1,000 miles a minute. That was pretty obvious in his quick wit. He most likely over analyzed everything in the world around him.

    An example of this that comes to mind is Mozart. He was extremely suicidal. Many of the most famous composers and writers were and their IQ's were off the charts.

    Just another theory!
    Yes and we also have to remember that before the 1800's or so, there were rarely any diagnoses of Mental Illness, the term bipolar was very rare in the early 1900's and it wasn't until recently that there was an explosion of bipolar diagnoses which I find interesting being that there are more than 40,000 psychiatrists in the world all promoting various voted on diagnoses in the DSM in which there has never been credible evidence that the chemical imbalance theory is valid. And now being on the internet for more than a few hours a day is now a psychological impairment requiring medication as well as selfies. These theories of chemical imbalances have been perpetuated by these doctors as a logical answer to depression and the various behaviors people have but it is theorized that neurotransmitters are the cause of this which is almost impossible to delineate. High serotonin is known to be an indicator for carcinoid tumors. Not to mention that several psychiatrists have some patients on 4 to 5 different antidepressants at one time looking for the "magic" combination. These are theories which have in turn tried to become fact as a way to supplement the psychiatrists income in order to prescribe psychotropics to the public in order to satisfy the multibillion dollar profiting of the pharmaceutical industry who in turn claims to be making us better. Really it was the drug Milltown that started all of this in the 50's with its anxiolytic drug that was the first one to be marketed. Prior to that there was not as much outpouring of diagnoses of mental illness...Now its rampant....Is this because of the overabundance of psychiatrists? Or the TV, newspaper marketing being done from the pharm industry?

    These days there are mental health kiosks in the grocery store asking personal questions and screening individuals based on ten questions. Our kids are getting screened at school, women being questioned in ob gyn offices, primaries giving out and prescribing all of this...Now there are at least 100 or even more of these drugs. And too many of them are being restructured as new drugs and the names of the drugs are being changed *I.e -ambien and intermezza) So I find this interesting that people are being medicated with benzos for not sleeping well and thus becoming physiologically addicted and the time to withdraw from a benzo can take years and then recovery from this even longer. And I also find it interesting that medicine has changed its focus from disease prevention to disease management in the US...I also think that depression and other related "illnesses" are being overmedicated and treated like disease when emotions like grief and periods of depression are being manipulated and concocted as medical illnesses when they are based on feelings...

    Now, if you grieve your husband who just died for more than 2 weeks you have major depression and need to be medicated...As far as I know grief is a normal process to go through according to Kubler-Ross...And anxiety is pretty much a normal emotion too, so I am not sure how this got to be as big as it is and why it is being claimed as being scientific. There is big money to be made if you are a psychiatrist period. But is it gratifying if you know you are not curing but manipulating neurochemistry for emotions. And psychiatry is clever calling these disorders because they cannot claim they are illnesses or diseases because they are not. I think this branch of medicine should take a closer look at itself because of the physical problems that can occur as a result of taking these medications over a period of time.

    And further for the people who have been unlucky enough to get a mental health diagnosis are then further stigmatized in the workplace, in their communities, shunned by others, put onto disability due to the physical side effects and impact on career and lose friends and family members in the process. These mental health labels affect the person diagnosed for the rest of their lives and are told they are hopeless and need medication for the long term with no hope of recovery. They are told they must "manage" their "illness" and must take highly potent and powerful drugs for the rest of their lives which eventually produces drug induced dementia as well as kidney and liver disease....I remember talking to someone who has been taking many of these drugs and we both felt is was ironic that as high school students in chemistry class we were told never to mix chemicals together because the outcome was dangerous and toxic...I wonder if psychiatrists took this class as well...The chemicals and molecules used to make these drugs are very interesting indeed and no one has any knowledge of the long term effects of using these or what they are actually doing or accomplishing but there are many many reports of people suffering on the drugs with no real improvement and even more clinical trials where placebos were used and the outcomes were better on placebo than the actual drug....

    Enough said.

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    Just posting my personal opinion based on my experience with this as well as looking in a somewhat objective sense....I believe that mr. Williams went to a treatment center in the beginning of July for his addiction to alcohol and depression and while there was given medication such as an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety pill which unbeknownst to many on this board do not understand the implications of switching meds or withdrawing from them which can induce may be aware that the antidepressants themselves have these warnings as well but when put into an extreme position of a CT withdraw if indeed this happened at this facility (no one knows for sure) the resulting effect is downright mental torture, with intrusive thoughts, anxiety and terror, panic, breathing and cardiac palpitations, a suffering like no other, so before you judge this man on just plain , bipolar, alcoholic, drug addicted maybe using humor to combat it all, I really don't believe anyone can comment to to this except for those who have experience themselves with taking and withdrawing from not only changes your neurochemistry, jolts the CNS but brings thoughts and images worse than your favorite horror flick...........And to think this is drug induced....It was his choice to do this... just as anyone can deny chemo, surgery, or any other medical procedure..

    ..and if you care to comment or post challenging views pm me and i'll bring you to a world of sufferers who are trying their damndest to get off these drugs reregulate their brain chemistry, return to homeostasis and survive after being given these drugs...And perhaps you might be more wary before encouraging the "mentally ill" to take their meds. It is no fun, a serious issue and a lifetime of rehabilitation after taking these drugs which not only mess with brainchemistry but result in kidney, metabolic, liver, heart and TD,NMS, antichlinergic effects, stomach issues, severe nerve and muscle pain among over 3000 side effects for some drugs such as Abilify and Seroquel, when in all reality before a dx is made in a casual 20min visit, there are no blood tests, x-rays, biochemical markers, brain scans only on medicated subjects or gene tests to determine this when in fact new studies have come out that psychotropics only 50% metabolize in the system, ......

    ...the research out there has been flawed in regards to clinical trials, safety and the truth of FDA approval in which drugs are given the green light in 6-8 weeks on small test subjects and do not include those who dropped out..And no one discusses the significance of discontinuation syndrome, serotonin syndrome and no one acknowledges the severity of withdrawal syndrome which should be in all reality a college course for nursing and medical students alike in which needless suffering can be avoided if there was places to go for withdrawal and educated individuals assisting with the process and not just brushing it under the rug calling it depression, schizo, bipolar, ocd, gad, etc.. ...and then adding more drugs for this symptom, the next symptom..and yes the antidepressants can cause Mania as well as anti-anxiety drugs can cause depression and worse symptoms...

    .We do not know enough about the brain to be haphazardly throwing meds at people as a once size fits all solution when their minds are the most precious piece of hardware....Their must be other solutions, Not everyone is on these drugs, they must have some idea.?? And for those of us who have been through the med merry go round and withdraw...please don't judge people who have gone through this, have a dx and for me will continue to speak out at the dangers of these medications...Been on both sides of the fence as a patient and healthcare provider...for too long.

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    Quote from itsmejuli
    Have you thought about teaching nursing or teaching CNAs?

    Or you can teach English overseas.
    The emphasis is "outside" nursing

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    What can one do outside of nursing with a BSN and a BS. in Liberal studies, a phlebotomist certificate, a MA certificate and a CPS certificate? IDEAS?? BESIDES THESE?

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    best of luck finding a job...they are out there....

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    Hark and hark- Philadelphia law firm...