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    I'm looking for other students who are going to Delaware County Technical LPN Program for Feb. 2009.

    I was just accepted into the program, and submitted my background checks, etc. I was seeing if anyone else was going or if anyone else went there.

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    Well, I passed with flying colors!!!!
    So far, I had to fill out an application and submit a $60.00 non-refundable app fee (cost for Background check, Child Abuse check, etc.). Then, I went to my HS and DCCC to have them forward copies of my transcripts. I also submitted a copy of my Hep B shots as well as my CPR certification (expires in 2010, so I'll be good), you need them on the first day. From what they told me, I will also need to have a physical done and an interview which they haven't set up yet because they are waiting for the background checks to come through.

    From what they did say, even though it's now Nov. I can still enter into the Feb. 2009 class.

    Once I get more info. I'll let you know.

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    Quote from 2bnurse-1
    i know the feeling. my school also did away with NET and is now using the TEAS exam.
    Yes, but did your school skip the science part of the TEAS exam?

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    OK...need to vent...sorry....last Oct.(2007) I took my NET to go to Lancaster Tech. I scored an 82%....I moved to Del. County and am about to enroll at Folcroft (Delaware County Technical School). They told me that the NET is no longer accepted and that I needed to take the TEAS. OK...when I got there, which was today, I studied my Math and Science...after looking on these boards and seeing the Science questions. My Reading Comp wasn't that bad at all....mostly graphs, charts and questions that pertain to them. Then there is the Math, fractions, percents, conversions (degrees F to degrees C, lbs. to kg, mL to gal. etc.) I freaked! I didn't study conversions! I figured well, I still have science so maybe that will help me with my average of passing....WRONG...they said to skip the science...SKIP THE SCIENCE...***...Why couldn't they just use my NET scores? I did so much better on my I'm sitting here wondering if I passed or not because I know that I guessed on all those conversions. I even purchased that ATI book and went online to practice TEAS test....this is bologna!

    Sorry...had to vent. I'm 35 with 3 beautiful little girls, ages 7, 6, and 4. If I waited this long...I mine as well wait more right? I'm just so anxious in going to nursing school and can't wait....I guess I will have to now!

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    I am also going to Folcroft LPN Program. I take my TEAS test Thurs. Oct. 9th to start in Feb. 2009. The only information I received was from their website....

    I'm not sure if this helps, but if I get more info. I'll let you know.