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    I had a Dr. go off on me over the phone once using language that would start a fire. I politely informed him I did not use that kind of language and I would not listen to it from him. I then informed him the purpose of my call. He was very quiet and then politely apologized and answered my questions about his patient. I never had any trouble with him after that.

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    Best of luck to you today. I have been in Home Health for 8 years now but was in the field before. Your good days will come and go be it the weather or a difficult patient. Enjoy the great outdoors rain or shine, enjoy the time you can give to your patients, and enjoy the satisfaction you will receive when the patient and/or family/caregivers finally take posession of the case and understand how to nurture and meet the needs at HOME where life and love are most important.

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    I am a Home Health Nurse and have been for 8 years. I started straight out of nursing school in a Neuro/Med/Surg unit at a local hospital. After 8 years of shift work and horrendous hours with no encouragement :angryfire I moved on to work as a Unit Manager in a local nursing home. That led to being an MDS Coordinator (something similar to an OASIS but for NHs). Corporate take over ended that career which led me to Home Health and I have been here since (for 8 years now). I don't ever plan to go back to a facility if I can help it. There is nothing like interactin with a patient and their families/caregivers in their own world.
    HomeRN and loving it.

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    I am amazed at some of the responses coming from my profession.
    My husband was diagnosed with Diabetes 10 years ago. Prior to a professional diagnosis he and I determined that diabetes was his problem. He immediatly stopped eating anything high in sugar/high fructose corn syrup, regular sodas, cakes, cookies, you name it. He is physically active on our farm but does not work out or participate in an exercise regimen. He is diet controlled, his HgbA1C is excellent, and he has no other physical problems other than some age related vision problems (according to his eye Dr.). This means of control for his disease process was his choice. He did not receive any information from his physician other than the generalized "New Diabetes Pt." packet. He did read some on his own as well as information I was able to provide him as an RN. HE made the choice. And yes he is very disciplined...because he chooses to be.
    Working in Home Health I see so many diabetics. I live in the Appalacian mountain region and you can guess the educational level. We as Home Health nurses teach and teach and teach but the patients/families still choose to maintain the same way of life they had before. They choose not to make the necessary changes in order to live life to the fullest.
    Yes, it is a choice. I love my patients, but I don't love the choices they sometimes make.
    To Grannynurse - how about some simple "in your chair" yoga? Muscles burn 50-80 calories/day naturally. Try some tightening/relaxing exercises to burn a few more. And have you tried to talk to your SIL about making fresh veggies or other healthy snacks available to you so you don't feel hungry when you go to bed. Is he financing all the food you consume?