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    Does anyone know what the latest is on the average lowest gpa they are accepting? I had a 4.0 until I got a B in A&P II this summer semester. I still have algebra and microbiology to go and I'm freaking out now that I've lost a bit of my cushion with my gpa.

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    5, a&p 1 and 2, micro bio, sociology and English 2

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    While I'm not neccessarily parading down the street with my I heart Florida sign, I don't know that there's many more places that I'd like to live. I was born and raised in Central Florida, in fact I'm 6th generation.
    As for the i.q. and poverty, I'm fairly certain that you'll encounter people with poor i.q.'s and people in lower income brackets anywhere that you may go. The school systems? While I have no first hand experience to compare them to, I'd like to think that I'm a fairly well educated and articulate person. My children are receiving good educations. There are plenty of charter/magnet school opportunities there for you to take advantage of as well. Bugs, alligators, et al? Yes, mosquitos are annoying but they're not out in force year 'round. Alligators, well, my parents lived/live in a classified swamp area so I've seen a few. I live about 20 minutes away and while I can drive by a lake and maybe catch a glimpse of one I certainly don't see them walking down the street or in my backyard. The heat? I'm a wimp who truly hates cold weather and freak if I hear it's going to be lower than the 70's. I'll take my hot, humid weather over cool and/or cold weather any day. The freedom to wear a tee and flip flops 90% of the year is pretty awesome in my opinion. Not having to worry about snow, blizzards, etc? Awesome. Quick access to beaches and amusement parks? Awesome. As for the people and their attitudes and such, never a problem. Maybe it's different in South Florida but here, generally speaking, everyone is nice for the most part and I'd bet we have our fair mix of personalities just like anywhere else. My only major complaint is the influx of elderly drivers during certain months and my penchance for cursing at them if they're in my way Truly the only thing that I can't speak to regarding Florida is working in the healthcare field.

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    I don't know but the next step would be to contact the school board if you don't think that the principal will address it.

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    I'm in the same boat I'm starting my prereqs in January. Thankfully I already have two out of the way from when I started college 14 years ago. I'll be doing a 2 yr program at the local CC. I have 5 kids and a full time job in the evening. 4 of 5 kids are in full time school during the day so that should help me out some. I'm so excited and am already trying to get a leg up on the prereqs that I plan on taking first semester.