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    I made the career change from corporate America to nursing and regret it now. I have been working for 1year as rn. I actually miss the 9-5 world, having my weekends and seeing my family at night. I miss working at a desk and being able to go to lunch or bathroom whenever I want. Sounds silly but I miss it. I'm looking to get back to first career.

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    We were instructed to make drug cards using this information
    classification, use, action, dosage, side effects, contraindicated, nursing implications.

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    Nursing Diagnosis
    Impaired swallowing r/t neuromuscular impairment aeb soft diet order and difficulty swallowing foods and liquids.

    The patient will demonstrate effective swallowing without choking or aspiration.

    The nurse will monitor swallowing ability for choking.
    The nurse will assess patient’s month for food pockets.
    The nurse will instruct the patient to swallow frequently.

    Please give feedback on deficient knowledge diagnosis. Do you I use a caregiver teaching & deficient knowledge since he does not speak and has dementia? I am really stuck on teh deficient knowledge diagnois and teaching need.
    Deficient knowledge of feeding r/t unfamiliarity of feeding process aeb feeding patients quickly.

    The caregivers will measure small amounts of food and alternate between solids and liquids
    All feedback is appreciated

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    I need help with a care plan for an Alzheimer's patient with secondary med diagnosis of hip fracture. The patient it total dependence of care, sits in a chair, and incontinence. Non-verbal but used some sounds, cannot move body on command, skin issues, dsyphagia, contractures, and general muscle weakness, wears compression stockings but did not see edema. No vs abnormals. I need to list the nursing diagnosis for the above and then chose a priority diagnosis.
    Here were my thoughts:
    Feeding, bathing, dressing self care deficit
    Impaired physical ability
    Chronic confusion
    Risk for powerlessness
    Impaired verbal communication
    Risk for peripheral neurovascular dysfunction
    Impaired skin integrity
    Impaired swallowing
    Urinary incontinence
    impaired physical mobility
    Risk for lonliness

    Originally, I was going to use chronic confusion for my priority but realized that I need to think about ABC. Would my priority diagnosis then be Impaired swallowing since he does not have actually airway/breathing issues.
    We also need to look at a teaching need. Since I cannot teach this person directly can use a teaching need for the nursing staff?
    Any help is appreciated!