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    I was hired from the ED to be the ED Analyst at my facility. We are 300 beds acute care, 34 bed ED. We are 15 months into our implementation project, going live on 7/1/13. I have designed, built, tested and now helping the education team write the training for the new ED system. It has been the best job of my life! I built a tracker board, the nursing documentation, the doctor's documentation and the order sets. Informatics is the coolest job ever, in my book. And I agree with what everyone has said: it depends on where u work and what u do. We have a guy that only does RAD, analysts that only do LAB, Clinical Documentation, Physician Documentation/Order sets. Some people are contractors and travel every week to the site to be there Monday-Thursday.

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    This couldn't be further from the truth. As hospitals are racing to meet Meaningful Use requirements, Nurses with tech experience are at a high demand! In addition, the installation of an EMR is only the tip of the iceberg. It is the upkeep of evidence-based medicine, Clinical Decision Support and training that will be where we can help the most. I would not be looking for a job with vendors. Instead, we need to be the agents of change that propose Clinical Informatics Departments to do the research involved in keeping our EMRs relevant, safe and cost-effective.

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    Hi everyone! I have been an "Applications System Analyst" (Nurse Informaticist) for a year and a half. Best job I have ever had! I love it. And for the person who said that nurses are not needed anymore in this role, that is the furthest from the truth! Anyway, I have started a FB page: Life in the world of Nursing Informatics. I am also in the process of starting a blog for being able to discuss our roles more in depth. Look for it soon!! In the meantime, let's get together on FB...