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    The trick/loophole worked for me as well. I found this and went to pearson vue around 0400 because I was such a nervous wreck. I got the good pop up and got quick results today and it says I passed !!! Thrilled !

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    Thank you for the advice. I realize there are a lot more interventions, etc that can be done for this, but this is our very first care plan and we were told to come up with one nursing dx, 4 or 5 goals, 4 or 5 interventions and rationales, etc

    I really appreciate the feedback and I have made some changes based on your post.
    Greatly appreciated !

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    Thanks for all the advice. As to the time frames, we were told to make the goals attainable by 24 hours time. The Dilaudid would be administered q4h PRN for 24 hours, and it would be evaluated 30 minutes after administering. And the 5-6 was a goal set with the patient. We were also told that we could use 1 dependent nursing intervention and i'm counting the Dilaudid as that one since I would need a physician's order for it.
    Thanks for the advice on clarifying the legs on pillows, I am going to do that now.

    I really appreciate the feedback as this is my very first care plan !!!

    Thanks Tons !!

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    Hi, this is my first post and I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to proof this care plan for me or not, but hopefully someone will give me their opinion. We have to complete 1 nursing diagnosis for a care plan (our first) so if someone would read over this and leave comments, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks !!

    Acute pain r/t vascular inflammation secondary to DVT.
    AEB: 1) Pain level of 8 on 0-10 scale.
    2) Edema in right leg.
    3) Facial grimacing.
    4) Pt reports "uncomfortable and pressure on lower legs when in bed."

    Pt Goals:
    1) The pt will report relief of pain to a level of 5-6 on pain scale of 0-10 by 1/23/09 0900.
    2) The pt's right leg will have a reduction in edema by 1/23/09 0900.
    3) The pt will report relief of pressure on lower leg when in bed by 1/23/09 0900.
    4) The pt will exhibit less facial grimacing by 1/23/09 0900.

    1) Administer Dilaudid 1 mg q4h PRN 1/23/09 0900.
    2) Assist reduction of edema by elevating lower legs on pillows below the knee PRN 1/23/09 0900.
    3) Provide comfort by elevating lower legs on pillows below the knee PRN 1/23/09 0900.
    4) Assess pain in patient by using self report on pain sacle 0-10 q4h 1/23/09 0900.
    5) Provide emotional support by talking with patient PRN 1/23/09 0900.
    6) Assess edema in right leg by comparing it with baseline circumference measurements q8h 1/23/09 0900.

    1) Dilaudid blocks pain receptors inhibiting the transmission of pain, which provides pain relief.
    2) Elevating the legs removes pressure, promotes the return of blood through leg veins, which reduces edema.
    3)Elevating the legs removes pressure, promotes the return of blood through leg veins, which provides physical comfort to the patient.
    4) Assessing the patient's pain level indicates if relief measures are working and provides valid and reliable measures of pain intensity.
    5) Providing emotional support assists in relieving the patient's fear, anxiety, and provides distraction, assisting the patient in coping with pain.
    6) Assessing edema in the right leg by measuring circumference and comparing to baseline measurements provides a reliable measure of edema reduction.

    (I think this part is very easy, so don't need it proofed)

    Thanks a Bunch for any advice !!!