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    Do you get along well with your family? The first year as a new grad can be stressful, see all the posts here on AN, it might be nice to have some emotional support close by. Once you get experience you will likely be able to move to the big city. Too much change at once can be stressful. I feel bad for new grads whose only option is to move.

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    It may vary from employer to employer. We have employees who don't qualify for FMLA as they never work the 1000 hours required. They have babies or other medical issues that keep them out of work for extended periods like 2-5 months and they retain their jobs. They may get state disability only for payment.

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    The Cal State system is very competitive. After completing prerequisites he will need a separate application to what ever Cal State nursing school he wants to attend and they don't all require the same prerequisites, tests or other criteria.

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    5 twelve hour shifts a week? Every week?

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    How often are PRN nurses canceled at the long commute job ? What time would you be canceled at? Would you already be halfway there before you were notified of cancellation? Would you canceled part of a shift and required to go in later?

    Do you live in an area with inclement weather which would increase your commute time? Are you 8 or 12 hour shifts? All things to consider.

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    When I saw this post my first thought was a bedside nurse wearing headphones and doing her work, and I thought heck no that's not ok.

    There is a difference between playing music for the patient and playing for the staff. For the patient, during a bath or anytime I'm all for it! How is that different than the patient's TV being on?

    Staff playing music is completely different. If a bedside nurse is playing music for his enjoyment only in a patient room, I'd say very unprofessional. Even at the nurses station probably isn't a good idea. But different places of work have different cultures and even within one institution on one unit it might be ok but not on another. However if you are a manager or educator and have your own office, soft music in the background would not be an issue with me.

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    You may not have broken HIPAA but you probably broke the facilities social media policy. This can be grounds for termination.

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    Because you are talking about ratios are you in California? Here is a link that talks about California Law in regards to meal and rest breaks. Often times there is a culture in work places that perpetuates not speaking up against illegal employment practices because of fear of retailiation. Even within one institution there can be nursing units where staff "work for free" and other units where staff would never think of doing so.

    What Break Periods Am I Entitled To? (218) - California Labor and Employment Law

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    certifications and renewals but not association fees

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    Pick up a per diem job in a completely different area if some place will train you. Though with starting school again you probably won't have much time. I agree with making sure you are fulfilled in your personal life too.

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    Quote from Here.I.Stand

    Also, stop working off the clock. This is an illegal labor practice!! Their writeups DO NOT TRUMP FEDERAL LAW. Either your DON/ADON are ignorant or they are comfortable breaking the law... personally I have no use for admin who is guilty of either.


    Please look for another job. I'm assuming you are working off the clock the one to two hours you are staying over each shift in addition to working on your breaks that you "clock out" for. This is so wrong yet there are numerous posts on this site of nurses doing the same thing.

    The only way I would sign that form is if the nurse who should have done it and every nurse until it was done also signs it.

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    Quote from RainMom
    One thing to think about too is that getting a large tax refund should not really be a goal. Most people seem to celebrate when they get a nice chunk of money back not thinking about the fact that they just gave the government an interest-free loan instead of having that money to use or invest thru the year. The goal should be to come as close to breaking even as possible without having to pay more, imo.

    I'd like this post 100 times if I could! Each year we look ahead and see what has to be done tax wise so there are no surprise payments or large refunds.

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    I'd probably give the insulin that is ordered(both Novolog and Lantus) and when the doctor calls back I'd give additional if more is ordered.

    Have you heard of ISBAR for giving report or calling physcians? It is a good way to frame your phone calls to doctors.

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    Lots of posts about nursing moving or wanting to move to California because of ratios. Anyone do the opposite?

    Having worked with ratios for so long I don't think I could work in a state without. Even with ratios and getting my breaks my shifts can be extremely busy.

    I am not moving, but wondered how a nurse who has only ever worked with nurse to patient ratios handles the change working bedside without ratios?

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    Quote from PEDICU

    . Her son is now 15 months old and has transitioned to baby food, etc. but she is still pumping at least once per shift because she's donating her milk. Which is awesome, but really an undue burden for the rest of us. I wholeheartedly support breastfeeding, but I do wish people would be considerate. I already had to change assignments many times when these people were pregnant for various reasons and couldn't take care of certain patients. At one point I had to take several patients down for scans for other nurses because they couldn't go. And with one pregnant nurse, it's not so bad, but our unit is FILLED with pregnant and nursing ladies and it DOES get stressful having to take on extra work all the time for your co workers when I don't get anything in return. Maybe it's time to switch jobs ������

    I'm not sure how I feel about the continuing to need pumping time because she is donating. If it's to donate for a specific baby with a medical need that's one thing but to a general milk bank I think that is an undue burden on a unit. How long will that go on for? What if I want to donate one hour each work day at my kid's school should I be given the time off during my shift for that.