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    Ok so here is the scoop. I have been working in an ICU for a little over a year now. MY first job out of nursing school. I am the type of person who always strives for the best. always looks for something better ahead. My plan was to work in an ICU until i felt comfortable and then go back to school to become a nurse anesthetist. the plan was going well untill i got off orientation and started working nights. Working nights put a huge toll on my personal life and my health. i never have time to do anything i want to do. i always feel nausous and drowsy. not to mention i just got married and barely have time to see my husband. going to work has been torture for me. i cry going in becasue all i want to do is sleep and i cry when i leave becasue i had a ****** night and i am so sick to my stomach i want to vomit. so not only do i hate working nights i have discovered that i hate working on my unit. the icu isn't what makes me happy, i feel like i am performing tasks and i dont feel like i am making a difference. so in the attempts to get a day position i told my nurse manager that i feel unsafe working nights. i made a few mistakes here and there but nothing that placed the pt in any harm. i was put on probation for 90 days. so here is the dilema. I want to leave the unit. not becasue i am on probabtion but becasue i want to do something else and possible work as a mental health nurse, but i am on probation and for some jobs i would need a letter of recomendation from my current emplyoer. can i leave a job on probation? what do i say to my supervisior? they haven't exactly been very supportive about my need to work days. how do i go about addressing it? do i just wait out the 90 day probabtion period? but what if they decied i didn't live up to there standards and the probation period is extended? i feel like the only reason why i am still there is becasue of this probation period. i need help!!! what do i do?