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  • Apr 14 '09

    Hey there! I think it's totally normal to feel like that. I know I did. I felt like that before starting my prereqs, during my prereqs, before and during nursing school and even now that I am acutally a nurse. I would have days where I was completely excited and ready to go and other days where I was so unsure if I was making the right decision. Even now, being a nurse for just over a year, I have days that I am intimidated by what is going on and if I'm in the right place....but then the next week rolls around and I LOVE what I'm doing. I know that this probably isn't really a helpful or informative post but just to say, yes I think it's totally normal. If you are actually interested in nursing and want to do it YOU CAN DO IT regardless of having days at a time where you just aren't into it and sure of yourself. If you get into it and hate every single minute of every single day, then maybe it's time to start looking into other things but even then it's hard to say because the actual job of nursing versus the schooling is very very different I felt. I was not a fan of nursing school at all but I LOVE my job! Best of luck!!!

  • Mar 19 '09

    Im sorry, the email I had did say the coupon expired at some point, I cant remember when or find the original email. Although a quick look on google for Medisave discount coupons shows this one as "100% reliable"


    This was from the retailmenot site.

  • Feb 10 '09

    Hi Angel,

    I personally really enjoy BCIT's program. Your friends are correct, the workload is very intense. But nursing school is difficult no matter what school you attend, so don't let that stop you

    I looked into attending BCIT and UBC. I had taken a year off after I finished my first degree and was ready to head back to school. I chose BCIT because, as I indicated in my earlier post, I wanted a different experience from university. BCIT's approach is very hands on, you start in clinical as soon as week 2 in Level 1. Your instructors know you by name and you call them by their first name. There is a mix of formal lecture, problem based learning (PBL), clinical labs, and online courses.

    What I would do is look on the websites for each of the schools you are interested in. BCITs School of Nursing regularly has information sessions where you can attend and ask questions, plus get a feel for the campus. You can also be a "student for a day" and see what the program is all about before maknig any decisions. I specifically remember having prospective students sit in on our classes.

    Hope that helps!

  • Oct 4 '08

    Hey Angel,

    I believe to get into UBC nursing, you need to take BIOL 153 instead of BIOL 155 because they require the lab component. I took BIOL 153 a few years ago and the same prof is still teaching it and he's awesome! The lab component isn't too difficult and just as long as you study for the quizzes and write the lab reports, it's not that difficult to get a good mark if you study for it. Usually the lab helps boost up your final mark because it's worth 40%.

    BIOL 153 is all about human anatomy and physiology so it's completely different than bio 11 in high school where you learn about plants and invertebrates. It's a lot closer to bio 12 in high school with all the human systems. There's A LOT of memorization in the course but personally, I found it super interesting. It's not too difficult if you do it in the summer but you have to make sure to study/review after each class because he goes thorough a lot of material each class but it's definitely not impossible.