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    so now that we are in the program.... does anyone know about uniforms, how the schedule is layed out, and other tidbits?

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    congrats to all who made it!!!!!!! i hope to be in class with some of you this spring!

    hang in there all who are still waiting. a girl in a one of my classes right now got into indy (law camp) with a total score of 210 so that may bring some of you hope!

    keep us posted on the letters when they come, we can't wait for you to share in the overwhelming joy and stress to follow!!!!

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    i'm in, i got my letter today from columbus will be starting the asn in spring 09!

    good luck and hang in there!

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    Is anyone currently or have taken APHY 201? That class is kicking my butt! We have not yet taken a test or had any real assignments worth anything yet but I am worried. I feel totally lost during lecture and lab both and the whole physio x lab on the computer is not clicking in my head. I am so bummed that I am having so much trouble any suggestions that might help me make it through the course with at least a C? I am a great student with a 4.0 and want to do well but at this point a C is my goal. I am also taking at this time Micro and an IVY 101 class, as long as I complete these classes all co-reqs will be done! Thanks in advance for any suggestions!deadhorse(that is so wrong? dead horse who would think of that)

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    This whole waiting thing is getting out of hand! We all need to pull ourselfs together and remain as calm as possible. I know I know.......easier said then done right.

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    Called Columbus again today, I just could not help myself. Nursing office said that they will be mailed out on Monday of next week for sure. I will update if that happens, I'm positive I will be calling first thing Monday morning to check. Hang in there everyone. I am hoping to read some good news on those who should be getting their letters today. Believe it or not the wait is almost over and hope we all will be meeting again in a thread called Help 1st semester nursing student at Ivy Tech!

    Have a GREAT day and stay positive!

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    I am still in school but what made me want to become a nurse is a fairly recent experience. After months on bed rest during my pregnancy our son was born at a very small 25 weeks. He was 1 pound 4oz and just barely 12 inches long. We spent 3 long months in the NICU and it was the most positive life changing experience i have ever encountered. I know my heart is for the NICU babies and their families. I want to experience all the NICU has to offer the good and the not so good. I am a strong and positive person and I know that I can be of help to parents and that I will take only the best care of those babies. I have learned so much from all the nurses I have met and I want to do for others what they have done not only for my son but our family aswell.

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    Anyone know when orentation usually is? Hopefully not to long after acceptance letters. I am so ready to start I hope I am one of the lucky ones.

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    Is that how its done they send out acceptance letters for ASN then send out another wave acceptance letters for ASN who are like the second choice then LPN letters go out? I took it as they send out all acceptance/ reject / alternate letters for ASN then they send out all the same for LPN, Im not sure. My score was 205 for Columbus ASN hope thats enough to get in, but worried.

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    Quote from imagine3200
    okay, you all gave me the courage to call about the letters at fort wayne. i spoke the the head of the nursing program and she said.............................................
    drum roll please.......................

    the letters will go out
    today or tomorrow!

    im so happy for your good news and good luck to you!

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    I think there is a deadline to when you have to notify Ivy Tech and accept or decline your spot. Not sure when it is. I read Ivy Tech Indy got their letters out on time. Whats going on with the rest of the schools. I feel like getting in my car and going to pick it up myself, to bad thats not allowed. I keep a little hope that maybe they could be telling the students who are calling that to just make them suffer for calling but highly doubt thats the case. Good luck to those who got their letters sent out on time! I wish that were the case for all of us. Until my letter comes i will be a chronic reader to this thread. Is anyone here applied to columbus?

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    I know they should change their paperwork to as follows: Letters will be sent out whenever we fill the need to do so ......or later!:chuckle

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    i understand your frustration. i called columbus today and asked if letters have been sent out and they said that they would go out early next week! i guess they either like students being so stressed and are amused or they had a ton of applicants. whatever the case may be i need to know now! i am so focused on that letter that i can not do anything else. i pray that by the grace of god that the letter be in my mailbox by friday because im going out of town.

    please post if you get your letters. hang in there everyone. i wish everyone luck.

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    Where are you applying? Ivy Tech (Indiana)
    What is your GPA and/or points for your school of choice? 4.0 / 205pt out of 220.

    When is your schools deadline? September 1st

    When does the acceptance letters go out? September 30th

    What is your plan A, B, C...? Reapply for Fall '09 and until then work i think? Not really thought about it

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    Quote from tlofflan
    I'm sorry it's taking you guys so long to get your letters. That stinks!
    I know your pain. I want to know now! It might be an idea to post the total points and campus we are waiting to hear from. I have 205 points and am at columbus Ivy Tech. Hope that will be enough to get me into the ASN Spring 09 program. I am worried thats all I applied for.