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    I haven't posted in a very long time, and never have on this thread. We should all know real scores aren't the greatest: 3 A's, 1 B, TEAS of 84 = 194. Applied to RN & LPN in Anderson/Muncie. Realistically, I hope to get accepted into the LPN program. I could redo ENG111 for an A, but I'll see what happens here shortly and go from there.

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    Nothing here either. Waiting for Ivy Tech Lawrence. Only have 197 pts, so hoping to be offered LPN spot & transition afterwards. My guess is that my "specific" letter won't be rec'd until mid-Oct., after the first wave of acceptance letters.

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    Well, after reading months worth of posts here, I decided to create a log in to this site today. Much of what I've read has been both informative and depressing at the same time.

    I'm a male who's 36 with a wife and 3 kids. I'm like a lot of guys who have recently decided to pursue nursing as a new career. My background is in business, making the transition for me over to nursing a bit more difficult. My wife has been an RN for 12 years now, and has helped me along the way with questions I've had.

    I scored 197 and applied to Ivy Tech Lawrence for Spring '09. I'm certain I won't be selected to the ASN track, so I'm just hoping that my score will at least get me into the LPN program, and I'll attempt to transition over to the RN track later.

    ANP 101 & 102 = A's
    PSY 101 = A
    ENG 111 = B
    Region = 3
    TEAS = 84

    Not sure what the cut off will be this time around, my guess around 204. If I don't make the LPN track, I'll re-do ENG111 for an A, and/or apply to more than one campus. I know the Lawrence campus can be more difficult to get into based on several factors, but does anyone out there have any incling as to whether or not a 197 "could" get me into the LPN track there?