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    Quote from nanasuzy
    55,000/yr = >26/hr Not in Oklahoma.
    Yes in Oklahoma- Doesn't mean you start there- but with experience thats usually where you end up. Take into consideration all of the other factors, where you work, your health benefits, how long you have been working, etc. I have 2 aunts who are nurses in Oklahoma, have their BSN, one in late 30's one early 40's and they both make a little more then average salary. But then again it they are excellent nurses and work really hard.

    It just depends on the situation- but yes 55,000 (benefits, 401K etc) is where you can eventually get as a nurse. Money is important, but it's not on the top of my list, whether I get 20/hr or 26/hr I will still be happy with what I'm doing and able to support my family.

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    Quote from iwillact
    Im in! WOOT! WOOT!

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    Quote from NeysaGirl1
    Are you guys kidding me? Nurses in Oklahoma are not adequately compensated. Do you realize you could have gone to welding school, acquired less debt, went to school for about six months and made just as much money? And lets see...after taxes, a carpayment and a house payment, how much money do you have left every month to pay utilities, buy clothes and pay for gasoline? Oklahoma nurses need to demand more money and stop accepting the first jobs that are offered!!

    No...sorry you have that wrong. My husband just got out of welding school, he makes STARTING OUT 14.50, its at the low end for welders but his boss said if he stays steady he will have no problem getting a raise. It is at an international company, and really, we are just lucky he has a job! It took about a month to find anything! Jobs are all over online but when you call it is a different story. He also has 5 years experience. Where cost of living is low, Salaries are low, its just how it works. There are many nursing jobs that pay well in OK but aren't the best hours or might not fit your sched. the best. The more you work the more exper. the more the pay. LIFE is expensive, doctors go to years and years and years of school to make how much money they make, nurses 4 years for a BSN. The average pay for a OK nurse is around 55,000. Which is pretty average for a bachelor degree. if all nurses made 70,000-80,000 in Oklahoma (some already do but their status is higher) i think everyone would be a nurse, because you would always have a job, low cost of living, and high pay. Our salary is adequate for where we are. If it's raised, awesome, you won't see me complaining because nurses work hard.

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    I'm taking online classes for RSU this summer and then starting all my pre-reqs in the fall and then going to apply for 2010 Fall (UGH sounds so far away!!) I lived in Texas, and they had different Pre-reqs, I've been out of school for a I feel really out of it. haha...let me know how it goes for ya'll!! I'm really nervous about it but hope all my classes go smoothly..

    When I was looking into RSU I couldn't find anything about it on here! It was RSU post had no replies

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    actually i would still be doing my clinicals this week...but i got strep! SO i am going to have to make up my clinical week in march. I'm dissapointed BUT i don't have a deadline for when i need my CNA it's all good. I just would have rather gotten everything done.

    hope ya like it!! I'm sure you will.

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    Helllo from Tulsa! i have been looking at nursing programs for quite some time, and I'm in a CNA program right now. I started it because the LPN program i was going to start in the fall needed it. Now i've changed my mind...and have applied to Roger's State University...Does anyone have any experiances?

    I have taken a year of college pre-reqs in Texas, So I have
    General Biology
    english comp 1
    english comp 2
    government 1
    government 2

    BUT before applying for the nursing program I was going to take (In Fall 2009)

    Anatomy and physiology1 (retake it...I got a B and heard admissions are tough...a refreasher in it would be nice)
    Dosage Calculation
    The College Experiance
    American History
    Cellular Biology

    and then in the Spring take some classes that will go for my BSN.

    Is there any advice? I'm really nervous about admissions as I have heard it is really hard to get into... I have a 8 month old daughter, So finding the right school has been hard. My parents live in Bartlesville so I thought this option might work out well. Or does anyone have any other school (with a BSN program) that they would recommend? Thanks!

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    i am actually in the program right now! it started feb 2- feb 27.

    I feel like it is probably one of the best programs, the 'over prepare' you...i'm not sure there is such a thing though! They make sure you know everything for the test...and for in the real world. I really like the instructors (We have had both the night instructor and i'm in the day class because they had to switch for a day or so) and they are both wonderful.

    Some CNA programs are in the time of 2 weeks and this one is in a month. I cannot imagine taking it in 2 weeks...I think that is too much information to cram in...and I really think this program does it just right! They program is not too short..and not too long- therefore they will be producing many great nurses, with a lot of information to make it and or continue on with their education.

    Hope you like it!

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    I just moved to Tulsa from Houston so i'm not familiar on their programs. I was just going to try to jump into an RN program but everything that i have looked into suggests that you have your LPN first.

    Has anyone heard anything about the LPN program at Tulsa Tech?? good or bad?? I just want to make sure i'm not wasting my time looking into or getting into heir program.

    I'm planning to go all the way to get the BSN after my RN, So i'm not sure what the best route is.

    any advice?? thanks.