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    I am a writer and am looking for a day job that is inspiring, has a good livable salary and allows me to not work over 40 hour weeks. i find hospice work incredibly inspiring but i am concerned that it would take over my life and not allow me to be a writer on my time off.

    I really like that nurses give care, empathy and compassion to the people who need it the most. And as tragic as death is, it is also one of the most meaningful life events and i want to be of support to the patient and family to try and help them keep their dignity in this part of life that all of us will someday have to go through. But i am concerned that i will get burnt out if i end up needing to work over 40 hour weeks and am struggling to make ends meet because that would interfere with my goal of being a freelance writer.

    Would a different nursing specialty fit my needs of 40 hour weeks max and good pay? I am willing to get as much education as needed to have a job where i am doing meaningful work as nurse but that will also allow me this lifestyle so i can continue writing.

    I'd love to hear from Hospice nurses or other nurses on whether you really can find a nursing specialty where you do not work over 40 hours a week. Flexible shifts and nights or weekend are fine i just don't want to go above the 40 hour mark.

    Thank you for your advice!