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    Thanks for the thoughts so far.

    To give a little further context: I have been approached by several different departments within this hospital recently. Regarding the OR opportunity, I've had surgeons and PACU nurses trying to "recruit" me to make the switch. Just yesterday the director of the Cath Lab also approached me about joing their team (apparently word got out that I was considering a change). I am fortunate to be well respected in this hospital, and therefore I have options. My interest is in the OR, and I feel that's where I'll hang my hat for a good long while. It seems that the "competitive" pay increases come when you change hospitals, but why not when you change departments, especially if I'm being recruited? "Crass" is certainly not a word I would associate with myself and it is not my inention at all.

    Further thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I'm an RN in a smallish hospital (90 beds). I am currently in Med/Surg, and have an opportunity to become an OR Circulator within this same hospital. I have one year of RN experience.

    If I am offered the OR position, should I ask for a pay increase? By the hospital's standards, I'm a pretty inexpensive employee, since I was a new grad just a year ago.


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    I'm looking into jobs in Austin, at Seton specifically, and I'm unclear on a couple of things. First, is my ONLY option as a new grad to do the Seton Versant/RN Residency program, or can I get hired on and not go through that program?

    I graduate May 1st and it looks like the Versant program starts June 15th. This is a bit too soon for me to start, because I have a house to sell and must move from North Carolina to Texas. Can I "defer" my start date in the program to the fall date?

    Any knowledge you can share would be appreciated.