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    I know this is a little late for advice but maybe you are still looking for a nursing program. I am a recent graduate of Anna Maria College in Paxton which is actually right up the road from Becker. The school is expensive but very good on nurse education. We get the best clinicals over anyone(Umass pedi,trauma floors you name it) and all 12 of us that graduated in Aug 08 passed the NCLEX the first time. The previous year they had a 100% pass rate as well. I do have friends that attend Becker after not passing AMC and are very happy there the passing grade there is lower than AMC, I beleive you need a 74 compared to a 78 at AMC. We have a very good reputation in the hospitals for being very good. Choosing a Nursing school is very difficult but money if it is an issue can be paid back when your making the good money as a nurse. I heard as well the pass rate is as low as 60% at Becker and you would hate to spend all that money and not pass. Good Luck in your search and let me know if you have any questions on AMC.