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    I don't know why I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around end tidal gases. I know that end tidal CO2 is less then arterial due to dead space, but why is FeO2 less then FiO2 on the anesthesia gas machine? Is it due to O2 consumption and also alveolar dead space? Also why is the fraction of expired anesthetic gas less then inspired? Is it because the gas has reached full equilibrium with blood and tissues? Anyone have any good references for this topic? Thanks!

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on UCSF acute care NP program or their health policy program? Thanks!

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    sorry, I wasnt asking how you stand out from other anesthesia applicants. I have already been accepted. I am wondering how to stand out from other newly graduated CRNAs. What do hospitals look for when hiring one new graduate CRNA vs another?

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    I was hoping to get some feedback from CRNAs out there about the future of the nurse anesthesia profession. I have talked to a few SRNA and some docs who feel that soon the field of nurse anesthesia is going to be saturated and there wont be many jobs. I am starting anesthesia school this year and am wondering about job opportunities when I graduate. On the other hand, I also hear that most CRNAs are reaching retirement age so new CRNAs will be needed, and if a healthcare reform bill ever gets passed, CRNAs are less expensive and there will be additional 40 million people who didnt have health insurance that might now be having elective surgeries when before it wasnt an option. Any thoughts on all this? Also, what do hospitals look for when hiring new graduate CRNAs? How do you stand out from other SRNAs during school? Thanks!

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    I will be moving to sydney next week and had a quick question about registration. I have received a letter from the NMB of NSW saying Im elgible for registration and all I need is to bring my passport and the letter saying Im elgible to the board upon arrival in Sydney. Has anyone done this before? Once I get there is it a quick process? Do I get registration right away? I am going to call them but I thought I would see if anyone had any info. thanks!

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    I am an American nurse who will be working in Sydney in the next month on a work and holiday visa. I am super excited naturally but have some questions about health insurance. Are there any nurses who have traveled to Australia who can help me out as to how they covered their health insurance? Do you purchase your own private health insurance? And if so, do you purchase insurance from your home country with some type of travelers insurance or do you purchase insurance in Australia? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am kinda lost on the subject!

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    Hi I just noticed your thread about moving to sydney. I am a nurse from the USA as well and hope to be moving to sydney next month to work in the ICU. Do you have arrangements to go there yet? I am excited but nervous at the same time! I have alot of the same questions about how ICUs are run in Australia. I am going over myself and do not know anyone, so it is a little nerve-wrecking. When do you plan on going to sydney?